The H-1B Visa Resistance Movement is Underway

Even before President Trump officially took office last year, the prospect of H-1B reform was real. Now it seems that the Trump administration is pushing through some reforms, which is sparking some pushback.

Reform hasn’t happened as some expected. There was no sweeping change at the behest of the White House, and no party-line maneuvering (at least, not yet). Instead, the White House is trying to prevent spouses of H-1B visa holders from obtaining H-4 visas, which would allow them to work while they’re in the United States. Meanwhile, various bills meant to reframe H-1B are mired in political red tape.

Trump also ordered the departments of Homeland Security, Justice, Labor, and State to review H-1B policy. This was a precursor to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) implementing a policy that companies seeking H-1B employees had to prove they were filling specialty roles. The renewal process is also tougher under these new guidelines; H-1B visa holders will face the same scrutiny in renewing as they did in gaining a visa in the first place.

It all amounts to something, but it’s still not the full-fledged reform some have wanted. It’s also not what candidate Trump promised. At a campaign rally before winning the Presidency, Trump claimed he would end the use of H-1B “as a cheap labor program, and institute an absolute requirement to hire American workers first for every visa and immigration program.”

In an interview with Silicon Republic, Richard Burke, CEO of Envoy (a company that helps businesses navigate the H-1B process), said US companies are already feeling the pinch from Trump’s subtle jabs. He claimed 26 percent of companies that Envoy works with are delaying projects, and 14 percent say they won’t be able to fulfill client projects. Around 25 percent are facing budget increases, with 22 percent claiming to have moved work overseas. “If we can’t hire the best from around the world to work here, because either we don’t have the immigration system to support or immigrants are unwilling to come here any more, then these high-paying jobs will be moved overseas,” Burke told the publication.

Resistance Has Begun

In California, six members of Congress (representatives Anna Eshoo, Zoe Lofgren, Ro Khanna, Mark DeSaulnier, Barbara Lee and Jerry McNerney) have signed a letter asking the Department of Homeland Security to revisit its decision on H-1B spouses. In asking the department to “reconsider” the plan, they say culling H-4 visa holders would “create significant uncertainty and financial hardship for many highly skilled professionals who are vital to our economy.”

Separately, some foreign workers are simply moving the goalpost. Wealthy families are seeking out EB-5 visas, which allow visa exemptions for investors and their immediate family members. It’s a program that has gone largely unnoticed since its inception in 1990. Investors simply need to invest $500,000, though a Congressional review is likely to push that number to $1 million.

Speaking to Money Control, Andrew Graves, the Director of Business Development for the U.S. Immigration Fund, suggested that “most people want to invest in EB-5 mainly for their children so they are able to go to the U.S. and stay there, and not be dependent on any other visa category. We’re also recently seeing large uptick in current H-1B visa holders where they want their permanent residency. H-1B is just temporary and there’s a long lottery so they’re opting to go the EB-5 route. Plus the headwinds in the H-1B are not basically going away for the next year or so.”

Graves noted that most EB-5 visa applications come from China: “It is so popular that there is a waiting list.” India, where H-1B is most popular, only had about 300 EB-5 applications.

A larger investment requirement won’t necessarily reduce the number of EB-5 applications, and the Department of Homeland Security has collaborated with USCIS to put off H-4 reform until at least June. It says “significant revisions to the draft proposal were necessary,” and is performing an economic analysis on how reform may impact the U.S.

Meanwhile, Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) has introduced the Immigration Innovation Act, a bill that wants to expand the H-1B program from 85,000 recipients to 195,000. It also cuts down H-4 reform, and allows H-1B visa holders to move freely from the U.S. to other countries and back again. This bill also simplifies the petition process, raises wages, and eliminates per-country caps on the H-1B program. If it passes, it undoes most of what Trump’s administration is attempting, and further distances Trump’s promises from the reality of how government works.

In other words, the debate over H-1Bs looks set to continue through 2018 and beyond.

179 Responses to “The H-1B Visa Resistance Movement is Underway”

    • John Connor

      Stop H1-B scam Now!

      Here are some ‘Secrets’ heard everywhere about H1-B sponsors and H1-B Visa holders in the loving land of Freedom:

      1. The H1-B sponsor will import ‘related’ type of ‘IT Professionals’ like Mechanics, Agricultural, Business Admin, etc, anyway nobody will validate their fake Title, Diploma and / or Experience on technology

      2. The H1-B manager from any company pushes you to accept her job, even if this is not wanted or related to your skills (threading over the phone to report you to USCIS when you are on the bench and be deported, so learn as you go )

      3. The H1-B sponsor can terminate your Visa at any time and they use this power against you

      4. The H1-B sponsors are fighting for transferring your new H1-B Visa to their company once you arrived to this country (piracy of H1-B )

      5. The H1-B sponsor wants you to wash their car, paint their house, etc, in other words: a modern slave (or Human trafficking in USA? )

      6. The H1-B sponsor will not file your paperwork for green card after 2 or 3 years in order to keep you under control

      7. The H1-B sponsor and their attorneys are making money because H1-B is just a product with great revenue (they pay you a fixed rate but they negotiate 3 or 4 times your paycheck and NO overtime included, the job offer letter is just a souvenir, do you agree big companies? )

      8. The H1-B sponsor and attorneys after 7 years they can destroy any evidence of the real or fake H1-B’s documentation (regular procedure? )

      9. The H1-B sponsor just have the job opportunity on paper… is your job to find a job, and the pyramid scheme keep growing and growing (Equal Opportunity Employer? )

      10. At the end, sponsors want you to be loyal to them and anyone of the more than 85 thousand people accepted per year in this country will say NOTHING in public about these abuses and their H1-B secrets…

      Have a nice day USCIS, IRS, Law enforcement, Law makers, ICE, US Congress, SOX Compliance, News Reporters, Movie makers, etc, etc.

      P.S. Please share this post to know other people opinion or more H1-B secrets…

      • I am a U.S. citizen and I do not blame the H1-B workers themselves, they did not create this corrupt system. As long as there is poverty in India and corruption in the U.S. we will have H1-B visa or something similar, unless their is a revolt.

        • John Connor

          I propose a Protest against H1-B to be heard by anybody in America:

          Here is the PLAN (it may be improved by all of you in USA)

          1. Every 5th day of each month take that day off

          2. The first day off in the Nation is April 5th 2018

          3. Repeat every Month (if the fifth day is weekend jump to the next Monday)

          4. The fifth means STOP H1B signal with your hand!

          5. After this initial protest let’s start organizing a march on different cities…

          God Bless our Jobs!

        • World Citizen

          Hold it! Americans are way poorer than most Asian countries. Here we have things which are so cheap that Americans can only dream of. Americans sitting on a 20+ trillion dollar debt still have balls to criticize other countries. Idiotic. Most H1B’s are returning to their homelands and only those idiots with materialistic mindset would want to stay in America.

        • Suzan

          That’s no excuse! Just because they did not not create the situation, does not mean they should take advantage by every possible means available to further their own greed!

      • “5. The H1-B sponsor wants you to wash their car, paint their house, etc, in other words: a modern slave (or Human trafficking in USA? )”

        Yes , that is what it is.

      • Roger Faria

        This lame resistance BS in everything is annoying, are you lefties 12 yrs old? We don’t need this scam in our country. We have the most universities and colleges in the US as compared to the world and we bring in million of students from around the world who also do got back, how about we try to provide all these graduates jobs who are already really here like at my University who can’t find any instead of the Visa scam. Cut the BS.

        • Dilbert

          Us “lefties” do not support H1-B in the form it is now. I agree it’s just taking American jobs (especially older IT workers and recent graduates) by and large and is depressing wages and wage growth. This sham of a program and should be ended.

      • Violet Weed

        I am 100% AGAINST having H1B visas issued AT ALL because there are MORE THAN ENOUGH qualified AMERICANS to fill EVERY JOB OPENING in ANY FIELD in the USA. To say otherwise is to LIE or to prove your ignorance. The United States of America IS the greatest country in the world. When subcontinental Indians get a foothold in the USa they use that foothold to BRING IN MORE INDIANS by NOT HIRING AMERICANS. I am a long-time hiring manager at the director and higher level. I have seen this with my own eyes. It is DISGUSTING. As for the visa that requires buy-in the USA doesn’t even match NEW ZEALAND. Try to get a buy-in visa in New Zealand and you’ll discover they want MILLIONS of your investment bucks AND then after you invest you are NOT THEN ALLOWED to take that money out of the country should you change your mind and no longer want to be in New Zealand. Frankly, I think that is a GREAT policy. What you get when you hire third-world peoples: LIARS, people who do NOT have credible training (their ‘schools’ are THIRD WORLD 99% of the time), people who CANNOT READ OR CORRECTLY WRITE ENGLISH. (Yeah, I know, all the Indians say ‘english is our first language, doncha know”, but anyone who has ever had to READ a business document written by an Indian or try to decipher what the bleep they are saying over the phone, KNOWS BETTER. It is time for a p0olicy of laissez-faire… CLOSE OUR BORDERS, HIRE AMERICANS, charge DEEP-POCKET TARIFFS on importation of products from other countries, and DEPORT ALL ILLEGALS NOW. America FOR AMERICANS.

          • fed up

            Everything he said is correct , you are some brainwashed commie moron. And this is coming from a leftist. The h1b ‘s only tunction is to create slaves and depress wages and enrich greedy executives who are too stupid to know the work they are hiring these idiots for is worthless

        • H1 and L1 should not be given without proper assessment of the skill and making sure IT professional in USA has work. Most Asian consulting companies send cheap labor to avoid salary and promotions to USA citizen. Even many companies have branches in India and other countries so they hire locals there and don’t hire here. H1 can be converted to green card so the person who comes here after getting green card quits the company and goes elsewhere- so first he/ she took the job of USA citizen and now he is not even loyal to the company who issued h1 and green card.

        • Bill Bohan

          You are absolutely correct Sir!
          I had a boss from India once, who claimed
          To have a Masters in Electrical Engineering,
          And told me, he has never touched a Transistor in his life! Also no skills in Laboratory Practice, cannot solder, or even make an Electrical Connection!
          Everyone from India I have met, are devoid of real skills. But are all willing to work for very substandard pay!!!!

          • Andrew Scott

            Transistors and other solid state electronics are taught in Electronics or Power electronics engineering in India and not in electrical engineering. There are differences. Get your facts right before passing judgment.

      • James hghfill

        The H1b program is 80 percent scam. It should be stopped and this is the reason I voted for trump. Kill this program for two years, deport holders who have overstayed and ban for life. This program does not bring the biggest all the time, mostly novices who live four to a rental, have one car and ship the money home to buy assets in India. I have a family and I’m stuck with this pain joke….stop this program or unionioze to stop it…

      • someone from europe

        I studied rank 20th university in USA. I have 3 years solid experience in
        usa. i am still getting RFE for “specialty occupation.” I am not even from india. I cracked all interviews on client site face to face. Immigration is not being fair. they just put rfes randomly. i agree to stop frauds but, they dont filter people who deserve to work in usa. Best way to stop fake indians to put limit on h1 for their nations. 90% of h1 are indian. Also, interview with experts from USCIS will be great option but, i know indian companies they do lip sync interviews to cheat client they may cheat USCIS same way. I supported the immigration action of trump at first but, his action will affect econmy badly since he denies people with good skillset. Anyway, i got my express entry to canada and decided to leave trump’s white usa even i am caucasian.

        • Please don’t mistake, we want you, and we want people with actual skill, even from India. The problem is that in particularly Indian corporations in partnership with US management have abused the program beyond all reasonability. You’ll find very few US citizens who have worked in technology, and almost none in IT for any length of time that haven’t witnessed the walling off of employment opportunity in entire departments in the name of cost savings. We’ve frankly had enough.

    • H1B fraud is a live and well, and this Silicon Valley character is lying thru his teeth.

      Our rates have been stagnant for 20 years because of H1B, its only purpose and it MUST STOP NOW…call, write and blast your congressmen of why they put people from INdia before us? Who is lining their pockets?

        • White Wolf

          I agree with this comment. Today, IT personnel earn wages even lower to that of plumber, gardener, electrician apprentice, etc. This is ridiculous, I have been going to school for years, got my Bachelors, masters, and even a second bachelors, and a truck driver still makes more money that I do. H-1B is just discrimination against US worker.

          • I agree, I have been a software developer (Bachelors deg.) for 20 years and plumbers, welders, make more money. Of course we have H1B’s also where I work.

    • Danielesc

      We have all but conquered India with the H1B program for Engineers (and other programs for Doctors, nurses, etc) by stealing so many of their brightest minds a generation before they would have come to their power. (the number of geniuses in India is relatively small, with them numbering in the single digit millions.) How cheap was that?

  1. Christopher Tolbert

    H1b has led to scammers getting their countrymen into what was higher level jobs for Americans.

    Now I turn down silly employment offer of half my reasonable salary. I can only guess this opens the position to foreigners. In the mean time I have no job in USA and foreigners do.

        • Cecilia

          It shows you don’t know shit about the H1B program. Applications are not even entered in the lottery if H1B workers earn less than what American workers with the same qualifications, same title, same job description in the same county earns. Prevailing wage is there for that reasons.

          • That would be convenient if true, except that it’s not. Since you’ve never seen an H1-B LCA, allow me to educate you.

            Employers supply “Labor condition applications” (LCA) when applying for an H1b. They allow you to supply multiple positions (as many as 5) that the candidate qualifies for, each of which has an employer estimated (Note: arbitrary, not market-based) salary attached to it. The scam part comes in that when the application is approved, they get to choose the salary/slot the person will fit into. The government allows the EMPLOYER to select which they prefer. Would you care to take a guess which they pick?

            (And since you’re likely to call me a liar, here’s the legal details for you to ignore: . Since I’m such a nice lady, I’ll even give you a hint: 20 CFR § 655.730 Subsection C Paragraph 5)

            BUT WAIT! There’s more. If you act now, you’ll also learn that H1-Bs are generally glorified slaves and do not receive pay increases for their 6 year (initial period + 1 renewal) stay as this violates their terms of employment. If you need it spelled out for you, this allows a company to avoid paying salary increases, and depress the overall prevailing wage of a company. The more H1bs you have, the more compounded savings over time. In aggregate this depresses salaries across the entire industry. It’s really simple math.

      • Really
        I worked as a contractor for a health care company in 2004 for two years
        Creating protocols and procedures for their email system
        Fast forward to 2016 I’m offered the same job but for half the money
        So how am I not qualified
        This is a ploy with the sub-text of “we’re putting this job out there but really we’re looking for someone from India” as evidence the recruiter that called me could barley speak English

  2. Rosco Gee

    The business lobbies, immigration law lobbies & special interest groups will tie up reform indefinitely for years to come!!

    So, it’ll be years before Americans will see any more relief.

    I don’t think Americans are mad enough yet. In the meantime, businesses and lawyers and lobbies and pro H1b / L1 politics and special interest groups will drag it out for a long, long time!!

    • European

      (sarcasm) Yeah, because US companies are happy to go through painful visa procedures, just to harm your nation?
      Could it be that they can not find skilled workers over there and have to import them?
      Could it be that US economy is being based on importing skilled force since its early days? Could it be that the cost of education in Europe & Asia is waaay lower than in US, so they are producing more skilled workers?
      USA is a super-strong business environment and it’s painful to see how many of you are missing the point about what is wrong and how it can be improved. Instead, you blame everything on immigrants (as if your ancestors were not immigrants themselves).

      • Bruce McQuistan

        While I agree that it’s wrong to blame immigrants and yes, we are virtually all immigrants, to dismiss the labor pool dilution for tech workers and the resultant wage stagnation is missing the point.
        I have a son who is very bright, gets the highest grades in all classes and yet we are faced with college costs of over 250000 USD in order for him to go into a job market diluted with H1-B visa holders who have little or no debt from education. There are enough talented people in the USA to fill these jobs; to think otherwise is simply reverse xenophobia.
        It’s of course wrong to be xenophobic, racist or culturist in any way, but the bottom line is that our representatives are once again favoring the corporations in lieu of the US citizens ability to make a decent wage. It’s no wonder the electorate chose Trump.

  3. I didn’t notice that Dice was particularly more Pro-H1B than many other sites discussing it. Perhaps, though, Dice has a large staff made up of H1B visa holders.

    With all the goal-post moving, I suggest that it is time to throw-out the entire VISA-system and start all over. Cancel all exisiting VISA’s. Send everyone home. Then let them stand in line outside their local embassy waiting to see an officer to allow them to apply for a VISA. Of course, andything “sensible” will never happen.

    Speaking of sinsible. Dice needs to fix their blog comment posting form. I’ve sent 3 messages to their web site tech support site, and they have not responded, and they have not fixed the problem.

  4. Yes! SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! American jobs for Americans and stop H1B visas and corporate greed indeed! Americans are being short-changed and need to be mad enough to protest the end of this program

  5. Don Park

    Now more than ever, we have to get companies to STOP hiring H1-Bs.

    While I am not a huge Trump fan, I definitely agree with his stance that we should hire American employees over people from abroad — especially places like India, China and the like. I have seen first hand Indian and Chinese managers deliberately ignore Americans, actively hiring people from their homelands. In many of these cases, these individuals did not have relevant experience, had poor English communications skills and truly were not qualified for these roles.

    The big question is what should be done about this. I strongly believe that any hiring manager that comes from abroad that opts to hire someone from their home country should be fired immediately and deported back to their country of origin within 90 days – even if they are naturalized US citizens. It’s a win win for everyone – it opens a leadership position which should have gone to an American all along, gives them a chance to work with their fellow countrymen (and countrywomen) in their native language and we all come out ahead.

    End that sham program now!

      • Having worked with hundreds of Indian workers through my career, I have never figured out why companies hire from India. I have never met one capable of doing the job they were hired for. It seems they buy diplomas and certificates from gumball machines. Meanwhile, as a 50 year old developer with 30 years experience, I have recruiters contacting me daily. They all want to submit me to the same position with an Indian hiring manager, and I can’t understand a word he says. So, I’ve been unemployed for 6 months, and told “(my) skills are great, but I’m not a culture fit”.

      • Paul McMillon

        Wow! So are you one of these “smart” H1-B immigrants. Read your own post…very poor grammar and spelling. Your post is a good example of why we should hire educated Americans.

      • Bill Fredericks

        Wrong when a project was cancelled and my company laid me off in 2013 there were almost a hundred applicants for every job. With tools available today, LinkedIn, and others it’s easier to apply than ever!

  6. My question is why do this companies hire H1B from India and China because they are not able to find enough talent who can do good development work in software industry. Americans are good for Management stuff. People from other country work hard and show there skills and this H1B is stopped their won’t be any employees to run the business this result in loss and Americans to become homeless

      • Hatred bring nothing but misery. The kind that is so darn visible all around here in these comments. If I have the skills, I will get a job else I wont. If I leave my comfort zone, the chances of getting a raise are exponentially higher.

        And then there are haters…

      • RedMenace17

        7-10% of all STEM degree holders and workers are unemployed at any given moment in the US, so perhaps the idea that H1-B is “needed” is just propaganda that you accepted as truth without analysis or thought. It’s “needed” because a developer or engineer from India or China will do the job in Silicon Valley for what I call the “tech minimum wage”, is that the part that is good for US workers? Perhaps those greedy workers need to lower their standards?

      • Me too, they brought in 8 Indian workers to replace me. I had to train them to do my job, after a year of trying to get them to comprehend the most simple tasks, I was laid off. It’s now been 6 months, and from what I hear their projects are a total fiasco, way behind schedule and the data isn’t accurate enough to make reliable decisions.

    • outsourced_in_Philadelphia

      That is a lie from the pits of hell! The only people that say that are corrupt American Businessmen and Politicians who try to justify this Visa garbage.

    • I’ve never seen a Indian worker that could do IT development work. They all require that their American manager provide them with project documents complete with the code they have to type, and then they have to have their hands held and told where to type it.

      • ed charles

        Indian IT workers are the worst. They can’t hold management positions, so instead they opt for developer role, which they steal from Americans. Their resumes are fake, and so are their diplomas. Have seen it first hand for the past 30 years. I regret that I have chosen the IT career. Should have studied to become a doctor or a lawyer. H1B visas should be abolished. The Indians are taking over as workers and Indian hiring agencies are multiplying everywhere. And guess whom they hire? Yes, the incompetent and uneducated Indians. Enough already. I really can’t stomach them anymore.

        • Andrew Scott

          It’s not lost all yet. Go to school and become a doctor and lawyer, but I bet there also you will find something else to blame your failures on. What matters is the hard work and sincerity in what you do. Check on your ancestry, and you will find your grandfather traveled 100 years back from maybe Poland to try his American dream, and worked hard his way up.

  7. I say let these companies hire whomever they won’t from arouund the world. Then slap tariffs high enough to nullify their profits, then put the full regulator might of the US government on there business. And if the choose to leave the country make sure their products can not be sold here or to any of our trading partners.

    • Sick of the whole business

      Very good idea, but there is only one problem. That idea was already proposed by Senator Bernie Sanders in November of 2016; it was called the “Outsourcing Prevention Act”. Since you don’t hear much about that anymore, you can surmise that his idea was shot down by the American Law makers, who are the real source of this whole problem.

    • I am a Sr. QA engineer, with lots of automation experience. You may be right about that position at your company. However, in my experience, most QA automation jobs are 6-12 month contracts with open source software (free, for those who may not know what open source means) and offering below market wages. It is understandable that companies want value from their techical and human costs, but when they go the ‘cheap’ route…you get what you pay for. Sadly, many younger resources are spoiled and want top dollar for thier degree while providing no experience. Since it is now even more political I see nothing changing on this H1 debate that would make any difference.

  8. Norman Hicks

    Let us come to the reality guys. I have many coworkers as Indians and Chinese and they are very talented and hard working people. They mostly have college degrees and they they are ready to work even after regular work hours for the sake of the company. I havn’t seen many of us flexible to work like that. Also the reality is there is hard to find Americans to fill most of the high tech jobs available. It took us 6 months to recruit a Sr Automation QA engineer who fulfilled all the technical requirements we demanded and guess what we couldn’t find a single american eligible for the job even though the pay was high. There is a general opinion that H1b is a low cost labor, but guess what they are mostly paid twice our average household income, which is not a low pay. This looks like our politicians are projecting H1b workers (mostly Indians and Chinese) as stealing job from us to gain votes. Dont get fooled by this accusations without having a real world knowledge of our job market. Its time to come to reality.

    • Norman Hicks your a moron. Were you a senior when you first got your job. There a millions of unemployed American who retrained for jobs just like one you advertised for. Instead of hiring one of those you hired a foreigner whose privous country of orgin made sure we was hired before any foreigners were.

    • dj nana

      I agree that there are many competent immigrants from India and China. However, I still believe the H1-b program is being abused to provide cheap labor for stingy employers. The minimum salary to be considered a ‘specialty professional’ and not subject to additional scrutiny for an H1-b Visa is $65k/year. Not sure of your geo, but that’s not a living wage in the SF Bay Area. And of course, since the employer controls the Visa, the immigrant can be asked or expected to work many hours beyond 40 without complaint. This is a recipe for abuse. There are plenty of us, many 50+, who could do these jobs. Employers won’t even talk to us, preferring to claim they can’t fill the position and need immigrant labor. BS. I am old enough to remember when employers trained new employees because they DID NOT HAVE the option of hiring immigrants from overseas. American workers shed blood to gain the 40 hour work week, do we really want to give that back?
      Also, I have noticed that many recruiters are now from India. Is there such a shortage of technical recruiters that we have to bring them in on specialty Visas? Or is this another form of abuse?

    • Nope. You are wrong. There are surely some talented people from China and India who deserve their jobs. What you probably don’t know is that most H1b visas go to “bodyshops” which is absolutely different story.

    • Our politicians are not protecting H1B workers; they are protecting the companies who hire them. Business runs America.

      There are plenty of qualified Americans who are capable of filling any IT job in America. Sadly, there is rampant age and gender discrimination in this field. Companies that want workers with 4-7 years of experience even though a more experienced worker could run circles are a person with that level of experience.

      Foreign workers come here because they can make more money than in their home country. I totally get that but I don’t think we should make up lies about American workers not being qualified. That is nonsense.

      As for your specific job, it sounds like you expect candidates to have every qualification. Soft skills and fit within a team are more important than having every single technical skill. Any IT professional can learn technology but if you can’t communicate, you are rather useless. If it took you 6 months to find the perfect candidate then you don’t know how to interview or you were not really interested in filling the position.

      What a slap in the face of Americans that we won’t work extra hours. IT is all about extra hours. Don’t get into this field thinking you will work 9-5; only government workers get that luxury. I think you need to get into reality. Companies are insourcing and outsourcing American jobs and you are helping them; good job.

      • Ok. Being a foreigner myself, let me express my opinion as well. Every H1B visa holder I know has come here to the US, spent a LOT of money, studied heard here to gain master’s degrees or more and then found a job at a company where they’re valued and their experience and knowledge is valued in very high paying jobs. None are less than 6 figures. Unfortunately, anyone who comes here from anywhere else, no matter how talented, needs to work only in an H1B. So its not fair to paint everyone with the same brush. I agree that there are some companies which exploit the loopholes in the system and they need to be taken to task but that doesn’t mean everyone is like that.
        As far as being qualified, it is a fact that there aren’t enough qualified and experienced people. The number of Americans pursuing graduate degrees (Masters and PhDs) are very low compared to foreigners. That’s why when compared, foreigners tend to be higher qualified for jobs. Also, we don’t “steal jobs”. Every foreigner applied for an average of 150-200 jobs before getting even one interested email or phone call. Compare that to Americans and you’ll see we don’t have anything easier. And we work hard, we do not slack.

        • KB,

          I don’t know where you are located, but in the southeast there are a lot of graduates in computer sciences holding a BS or a Masters working at Home Depot and I even know one that’s a manager at Burger King. They are US citizens that have been turned down so many times they have to take these jobs to be able to pay something on their student loans. The manager at Burger King has a Masters in CS with a specialty in AI. He’s working on his thesis in AI development and learning, but can’t get a simple admin job in IT. His problem is he’s a 52 Y/O B/M and is one of the smartest people I know. We have conversations about AI Learning Theory sitting at a table in Burger King that has people looking at us with that “WTF” look, but still he can’t get a job in his field because 3 things. 1 He’s a US Citizen. 2 He’s 52 and 3 His race. There are so many people in the IT industry today that think the best and the brightest are from another country and the US can’t produce people with this kind of talent. People like you proliferate that sentiment. US Citizen work just as hard or even harder than others do in the field of education. If we didn’t we would have the college system we have today. The problem starts with the colleges offering lower tuition to foreign students which allows them to take a seat away from an US student simply because of the cost. When a foreign worker gets an H1B VISA it’s a ticket to everything for them. They use it to qualify for various programs US workers cannot, simply because the US worker, WORKS. We live in a society that has a large number of people that feel the US is bad and we need to go out of our way to boost foreign workers over a US worker. I cannot count the number of times I’ve been turned away, even though I was far more qualified than the person they offered the contract to, just to later have the employer call me later asking if I’m still available. I’ve found that many H1B workers come here just to get in the door. They have no plans to return home and after a couple of years they feel they should be granted citizenship just because they worked for a couple of years in the US. Think about this; What would your country do if businesses claimed they had jobs they cannot find workers for? Would India open it’s doors to Pakistani’s to come in and apply for those jobs? You may think the comparison is funny, but it’s real.

        • Bill Fredericks

          When I was last laid off I also applied for a hundred or more jobs. Did you know that 40% of illegals here came in on a VISA? Like students for instance, we need a stringent entry exit system also and mandatory E-Verify!

      • JR, you hit the nail on the head. My job was outsourced by a major pharmaceutical company to the Czech republic about a year ago, and I’ve had nothing but trouble finding a full time (not contract!) job since then. I even approached the “preferred vendors” at said Pharma company to try to get a job with them (two of them are Indian), but they refused to talk to me. They only take care of their own.

    • RedMenace17

      Hmmm…literally describing how capitalism exploits uneven development of labor forces for profit, but you make the argument as if WE are the problem for refusing to reduce our standard of living and quality of life in order that more blood can be squeezed from a stone.

    • Norman,

      Ok, let’s talk reality. I’ve spent years as a contractor in the IT industry. I have degrees in CS and EE and continuing education in various industry specific systems and software, including several certifications from MS, Oracle, Cisco, Salesforce, SAP, HP LoadRunner and others. My full resume runs about 12 pages long. I’ve come to realize it’s too much and have limited the information. I contract in a very specific position, which is not cheap, and have been told by many that I’m the best they have ever contracted. I’ve been given several offers of full time employment, but at a much lower rate. I have a little competition in my field, mostly from H1B holders and when interviewing for a contract position I’ve found that most are very biased. In the last 10 interviews 7 were with managers from another country, and 5 were also H1B holders. In all 7 they hired an H1B visa holder, at a much lower rate. The funny part of this is 5 of the 7 were posting openings for the same position a few weeks later. I even took one after I discovered the previous manager, who turned me down, had also been terminated. When the contract was finished I had far exceeded their expectations and today they still give me very good references. I’m currently working a contract that needed 3 developers of which I’m the only US worker. I’m paid almost twice the other 2 developers, which appear at my desk several times every day in need of assistance. In the last 3 project meetings they have been behind schedule, which has resulted in more work items getting assigned or re-assigned to me. In the end the results of the project will reflect on me, so I can’t just let it go by. Here’s a few take aways….

      1. MANY of the H1B holders came here with an offer to a selected position and when that position is no longer availble, they apply for positions they are not qualified for and get them due to bias on the part of the hiring manager.
      2. The bias in the H1B program is rampant. 9 out of 10 hiring managers from another country will award a position to their fellow countrymen over a US worker, no matter the true qualifications. A lot of US hiring managers are concerned about the visuals of their hiring practices and will hire an H1B holder to make a political statement.
      3. Most H1B holders in the market work through a contracting company and do not hold permanent positions with an employer. Most of these contracting companies are the H1B sponsors and they take advantage of the H1B holders.
      4. These contracting companies will push H1B holders into positions they are not qualified for under threat of not sponsoring them any longer. I know this for a fact and know several H1B holders that have been placed in precarious positions like this. They are forced to study up on some specific technology just to be able to answer the questions in the interview. It’s a windfall for the contracting company They can report more H1B holders in positions and use that to justify the need for more, all the while keeping more money from the contract by paying the H1B holder far less than a US worker.
      5. The H1B holders are terrified of losing their sponsor and having to return to their country or stay in the US illegally. Every H1B holder I have ever worked with has admitted they would never be able to make as much or even close to the same money working in the same position in their home country and they would do anything to remain. The average H1B holder is just like your average illegal immigrant in that they do not report abuse or other infractions to authorities for fear of getting sent home. The only one I’ve ever known to report an abuse was in his home country (Pune, India) just a few days later. Check with the EEOC for the number of complaints filed by H1B holders. (Almost nonexistent).
      6. The H4 VISAs for work is another scam. I know of at least 2 families that one member got an H1B VISA and then was able to obtain H4 VISAs for other family mambers. After arriving in the US the H1B holder started work in the tech job and the wife, and son started working in a restaurant. Both families lived in a single small low rent apartment and pooled their money. After a couple of years they purchased the restaurant and the H1B holders quit their tech jobs and worked in the restaurant. They reported their positions were still in tech and the restaurant, which is now a US corporation, became their sponsors. They made generous contributions to their local elected officials and their status has never been questioned.
      7. H4 VISAs that permit work should not exist. This would force the H1B holders to require higher wages or leave their families behind. This is a choice they have to make.

      I having nothing against anyone from any country completing against me for any position. If they are better than me, then by all means give them the job. What I cannot tolerate is the contracting companies that treat the H1B holders like slaves and the H1B holders that game the system. There are no ICE agents that verify the H1B holder is actually working in a tech position, only the word of the contracting agent.

      Far too many times you end up with stories like this:

      • Bill Fredericks

        I’ll never forget a golfing buddy, who had been laid off from a tech firm and went into teaching, how he watched Gates and others testify before Congress on shortages in STEM workers. After I explained what BS that was it struck me why don’t people like you and I get to testify?

      • Danielesc

        For being so smart at tech, you seem to be missing the real politics behind why we are attempting to bring in the best and brightest minds from all over the world.
        It is a form of warfare. If you can pull the smartest people from a country, you have defeated them and you have made your own country stronger.
        India was on its way to being another China, and we just boot stomped that. Probably the cheapest war ever fought, and no shots were ever fired.

  9. This article has so many fundamental errors that call it lame would be overstatement.

    There was never a H1B per country cap, there is only a per country cap for employment based green card.

    The rule that is being drafted is about whether H4 visa holder can work or not. The H4 visa availability is never called into question.

  10. I totally understand the pain of US Workers, its not something H1b candidates created. The corporate do this and we accept it. Wont you switch to new job if you are paid well? There are even lot more issues we face that listed above. Foreign investment happens vice versa. If you don’t want H1b, ask US investors to stop foreign trade or investment.

    • 1. You don’t understand the pain strongly enough to return to your native India, though, and pull a rikshaw through the streets.
      2. My opinion is that investments of domestic (US) businesses should be permanently banned for every possible business and industry.
      3. I’m almost to mandatory retirement age. I have no savings. I have well over a hundred thousand dollars of debt from when I returned to the universities and obtained a new BS, followed by an MS, in Computer Science because I wanted to write code and get paid well while I did it. PREVIOUSLY, I was an Electronics Technician for many years, having received an Assciate Degree in Electronics. During my brief electronics career, I happened to teach myself assembly language programming, designed embedded controller hardware, laid-out the circuit boards for it, and then wrote/developed the program code for it. Several times.
      4. Typically, I get nonsense from the occasional potential employer: you are over-qualified. Your embedded work isn’t applicable to an ‘enterprise’ environment (they didn’t even bother to see that I obtained 2 full degrees AFTER I had done my stint at embedded work). Or, they say “just pay us for an 8-week training program 3,000 miles away from home…..we’ll house you with other students”. Training Program? For WHAT?!
      5. AFAIC, the H1B VISA-holders and their corporate bosses, and all the governments back to the Jimmy Carter administration can just kiss my –seat– becuase that’s how long I’ve been told as an American that I must tighten my belt.
      6. End of rant. Have a nice day.

    • Yeah and with insensitive Xenophobics like you remaining, i’m sure the work culture will be fantastic. Remember that you’re also a foreigner somewhere else. All the filth generated in this country is going to some third world country if you didn’t know. The clothes and shoes you’re probably wearing is being manufactured in a third world country where it “smells”!! Go around town naked if you hate the smell so much.

  11. Because of the H1B program, Americans are reluctant to enter those tech fields due to the large commitment of money and time needed for basic and advanced degrees. Then the jobs are pulled out from under you to be given to H1B holders. It’s a viscous circle the greedy companies have created and their political allies have gone along with it. By creating such a lousy job market in the US, Americans do not want to enter the fields, and therefore a shortage of educated Americans comes to play. Any sort of push back should be done against the politicians that promote giving away American jobs in the interest of companies bottom lines. We should be focused on innovation and excellence and not corporate greed.

  12. Georgia

    Total Bs. End the sham now. Why is America the job place when we don’t even have enough for our own citizens and veterans I. Particular. H1b is a total sham. These foreigners have given nothing to America. Corruption at its best

  13. It needs work, but politics as usual will likely make it worse, not better. I know what I can bill has taken quite a hit since an Indian Invasion in my particular area. It makes it difficult to bring in enough to pay medical bills… being stretched on both ends.

  14. “If we can’t hire the best from around the world to work here, because either we don’t have the immigration system to support or immigrants are unwilling to come here any more, then these high-paying jobs will be moved overseas,” Burke told the publication.

    What a steaming pile of male bovine excrement. Richard Burke and his ilk are a big part of the problem. He helps companies evade the original purpose of H1-B. Any reform would cut into his income. There is PLENTY of talented, hard-working American tech talent. There are NO shortages of “STEM” workers.

    Very sad that Dice takes the side of the corporate oligarchs and corrupt congresscritters of BOTH parties, and does not stand up for the American tech worker and job seeker.

      • I have WORKED for many users of H1-B! How about you? I KNOW how they operate. And yes, there are several “consultants” that help companies evade the law and not pay these people. Most of the H1-Bs are NOT “world class”! And companies bring them in and don’t even allow their US staff to try for the jobs. Go check Norman Matloff at Cal-Davis for his research on the so-called “shortage” of STEM people. How about it?

  15. 4thepeoplebythepeople

    Whats the problem with H1B, US is today what it is because of that one H1b, talent around the world migrate to us and work for us companies, I don’t think stopping H1b will do any good to our companies, In-fact majority of companies will have to shut down and start their head offices in other countries. In fact our companies save more and more money when they start branches in third world countries. as here instead of paying 1 person they can hire 10 persons there. By making resistance against H1B we are throwing away our own food. Companies get in to loss and no company wants loss.

    • Why give US jobs to foreigners? I have seen been interviewing but all I see are foreign IT tech filling up the jobs that I could do and very qualified. There are many US citezens are being turn down that I know by foreign tech guys who are interviewing the US citizens in a big Fortune 500 companies. This is very frustrating to find a job in IT. This is very wide spread issue. Foreign techie guys are not superior than US techie guys.

    • Bruce McQuistan

      The problem with H1-B visas are as explained. To iterate:
      A) There are many qualified U.S. citizens for these jobs already.
      B) The H1-B visa program is a mechanism for employers to dilute the labor pool and lower their costs.
      C) A decent tech education in the US costs a lot of money now, well above 100000 USD. The H1-B program creates competition for jobs for US citizens starting their lives with an enormous financial burden when the visa holders often have no debt from education.
      D) The H1-B program is one significant factor in a long list of representatives favoring the wealthy and ignoring the working person.

    • No, they tend not to go overseas to start their companies. We have plenty of highly skilled workers here. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Uber, Lift, and the thousands of other startups that have appeared over the last 15 years would never have succeeded if they started up in India or China for a number of reasons, and the venture capitalists know it.

    • Paul McMillon

      And once again everyone here is missing the point. So, your telling me companies should relocate overseas and hire people local to their origin to be more profitable. Where are those companies going to sell their goods and services? Not in America if we do not have jobs. Let’s see where those companies profit margins end up then.

  16. 4thepeoplebythepeople

    Its about time, everybody is facing problems, First thing first people should start saving money while they are working. We have to reduce out cost of living, lavish lifestyle. There are many things which we can get rid of. H1B is not a problem, the real problem is USD.

  17. H-1B IS A big scam and it has reached the point of being a biggest insult to Americans. The politicians and corporate America are colluding in this to perpetuate the misery thrust upon hardworking Americans who are in no way lacking in qualification and experience for the jobs being forked out to these imported cheap labor. There are thousands of Americans who had to train these very imports, to then take over their own job. What irony. The worst is the recruiters are riddled with corruption, nepotism, fraud on one side and on the other side is the social impact of these imports whose vocabulary does have words “Thank you”, “Please”, “Sorry”, “It’s my mistake, I take responsibility” or I made a mistake” etc. God save America..

  18. Changes to the Visa programs will have a major affect on the US market as there are so many foreign visitor visa holders that are in critical roles in the marketplace; however, to suggest that US talent cannot fill those roles is a bogus argument. If US companies made a concerted effort to hire their own countrymen there would not be a big drop off over time. There are many who will learn the skills necessary for success and this learning is not very difficult for skilled labor with the right background. Perhaps if Bill Gates and Microsoft were to provide scholarships to Americans willing to earn degrees in areas they felt important, they would find more takers than they could use. Gates prefers to fix problems around the world rather than help those who made him his fortune in the first place, i.e., American citizens. The American education system was developed from the need by Industry for educated workers and Industry financed (through taxes) this education. This link has been broken and needs to be reconnected.

    • dj nana

      I agree in general, but 2 points:
      1)There is a Gates scholarship available to STEM aspirants of certain income levels who are ‘disadvantaged’. I am unsure of specific criteria. Also, it’s hard to malign the desire to eliminate malaria, which still afflicts millions of people. I am not a huge fan, but Bill Gates is a numbers guy, and he is looking for ways to spend his money which will help the greatest number of people. As a human being, it’s hard to find fault there.
      2)As a University of CA grad in a STEM field, I can tell you that UC believes the primary purpose of a University education is to gain knowledge, and to further general research not necessarily tied to any industry. This is where the breakthroughs occur. Now of course, industries do finance alot of research and there is always tension in this area. We, as undergrads, were told many many times, “If you want a job, go to trade school”. I would agree that community colleges do accept this role of preparing people for the workforce.

  19. H1bsuckbigtime

    The scum from South Asia, H-1B, L-1, J-1, B-1, B-2, OPT, H-4, are beginning to see pushback in all countries they have attempted to infest. Singapore is restricting them. Australia is cutting back on scumlabor. Canada is beginning to see the scumtide, and Canadian IT/STEM workers are on the alert. In the US, we are woke. The scumtide here will be stopped. Jobs will be returned to US workers.

  20. Here is a perspective of a naturalized US citizen who came to the US on H1B in 1991. Back then, my wife had an H4 but IIRC didn’t have a right to work; things may have change since.
    To get approval for H1B, the sponsor had to demonstrate certain wage correlation with prevailing wages in the industry. To adjust immigration status from H1B to green card, the process of labor certification (administered by Labor Department) included the requirement that there is no US worker qualified and willing to fill the position for at least 95% of prevailing wages.
    So, H1B detractors may consider this as a not-so-simple way of pursuit of happiness. In a way, a constitutional right extended to all people who get the chance. In return, the US economy imported some brains and hard work from a place (presumably, of competition) that lost it.
    Oh, this is not to say that there is no corruption at all. There probably is, like everywhere else. But since the program overall is beneficial on/to all sides except spoiled lazy bones (which I am rapidly becoming), it better be improved than ditched.
    My $0.02

  21. Laura Keating

    The “challenge” with finding IT work is a change in attitude. 30 years ago, I walked into a new job, found the code base was in a language I didn’t know, and they shrugged and said “you can learn it, right?” Today, they would make sure I knew the language, the business space and 14 other ancilliary skills. No wonder companies can’t find their perfect candidate. Hint: It’s easier to claim skills you don’t if you have several weeks of traveling before your start date, at least enough to not look like a liar. And then you learn as you work.

  22. I was very lucky to get a job in tech at a company who put me through a 5 month training program to learn their products and programming languages and tools. This is fter a 25 year run that spanned from R&D to Field Engineering to Technical Managment. I witnessed the progressive abuse of the HB1 visa program first hand in the Silicon Valley from 1985 to now, and have argued against that and outsourcing to Asia since 2000. I’m glad to see we have an administration that at least acknowledges the problems associated with that, and IS trying to do something about it. Who would think that a pro-business conservative would not be in the pocket of the lobby group of Silicon Valley CEOs? We may not like Trump’s personality or many of the crazy things he says, but in some ways he’s doing exactly the right thing. Illegal immigration and the HB1 visa abuse must stop. The Democratic party has not represented the interest of American workers for more than 20 years. NAFTA was a prime example of how Clinton and the Dems sold out to big business and the globalists.

  23. All you keep talking about American workers, in IT? Have you seen the statistics of students enrolling in colleges in computer science major. For the past 15 years, more than 80% are foreign students. With those numbers, where are the so called American workers. Many American graduates quickly want to take the leadership roles instead of doing hard programming activities. I think people talking in this forum are repeating political gossip rather than studying reality. Corporates are not that stupid to just make money, at the end you guys want stocks to go up all the time. Connect all the dots and view the world properly.

  24. If clients paying $100k to a H1B then why their spouse needs H4 ? where as an average american gets less than $60k they dont face financial harship ?. Previous gov has given everything to H1 they get high paying job their spouses also get to work jobs paying hign salary also they get their green card where as American struggles to take care of their families. When people come from India they come here for advancemt of their carrer not becoz India is poor basically H1 are economical migrants.
    Stop this non scense H1s are suffering .

  25. Bill Fredericks

    I’ve worked for NCR, Siebel, Oracle and SAP. I used to sell consulting services for the software companies and I managed projects from a few people to dozens. I’ve had H1Bs on my teams used overseas development and on shore low cost centers. I’ve had to dismiss an H1B for not having the skills I needed and this was after he relocated a couple thousand miles at his expense.

    I hired an H1B so we could sponsor him for a green card, he cried when I told him. His wife had a PhD but no work VISA so she sat in the hotel all day. I’ve had to compete against those firms and after they were hired come in and clean up the mess.

    I’ve seen 6 or 7 living in a 2 bedroom apartment. Pay attention on your next trip to the warehouse club that group of foreign looking young men with a flat cart and 50# bags of rice are most likely all in the same apartment sharing foods and 1 car.

    It is a form of modern indentured servitude they are mistreated and are afraid to speak up. Based on my experience shut it down the fraud and corporate greed are clear. Even our local university Wright State broke the law using it and committed fraud.

    We have a trade deficit with India slap their firms with tariffs!

  26. The ONLY problem in this country is the 535 liars, cheats and imposters we have sitting in Congress. These miscreants are the root cause of all the social, economic and fiscal disasters we see looming above our heads. I would be willing to bet you can count on one hand members of both houses that actually believe in a Constitutional government. Which by the way is a violation of their oaths of office.

    Say what you will but the Federal Government and its incestuous, infectious relationship with Big Corp, Big Money is well on its way to destroying what is left of our great country. It works AGAINST the health, safety and benefit of the hard-working American Citizen’s. In reality the honest Citizens do not have a government nor do we have Representatives.

    Here is the root problem :

    The following is part of a speech given by Sir John Erskine, as part of his defense argument for Thomas Paine before an English Jury where Thomas Paine was on trail for seditious libel in 1792 :

    Consider, my Lords, that arbitrary power has seldom or never been introduced into any country at once. It must be introduced by slow degrees as it were, step by step, lest the people should see it approach. The barriers and fences of the people’s liberty must be plucked up one by one and some plausible pretenses found for removing, of hoodwinking, one after another, these sentries who are posted by the Constitution of a free country, for warning the people of their danger. When these preparatory steps are once made, the people may then, indeed, with regret see slavery and arbitrary power making long strides over their land; but it will be too late to think of preventing or avoiding impending ruin.
    Geo III, 380,440

    And a comment from Cicero, the great Roman orator, statesman and patriot sums it up pretty well :

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves among those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”
    Marcus Tullius Cicero

    And further I saw naught!

  27. Bruce McQuistan

    When I first applied to a major tech company located in the Seattle area in 1988 I had a very bizarre interview where I was asked how many Kanji languages I knew, how many word processors had I written and which components of an operating system had I developed. None of these things were on my resume which was focused on the C language, math and graphics. I called out the interviewer on this and they immediatedly ended the interview in a very awkward way. I went away thinking I had ruined my chances by being too honest.
    After a couple of weeks went by I was called back and given a more targeted interview and eventually a job offer which I accepted.
    In a few months I saw the first interviewer and asked about that interview to which she responded that it was a common practice to find resumes for a certain position that were not qualified and use that as a justification for a work visa.
    I attempted to get interviews for a number of qualified U.S. citizens, one of whom was a woman who had graduated with a degree in Comp Sci from a well regarded school. She was never contacted, never got an interview.
    The H1-B process is corrupt in a variety of ways and contributes to the wage stagnation from which the rest of us suffer. It’s no wonder Trump got elected when the electorate feels so deeply disrespected by our ostensible representatives.

  28. I am a US citizen who went through the college system to attain a bachelors in Computer Science. Couple of decades later, i find myself in I.T. surrounded by H1B Visa workers. I have no problem with the people since I do encounter all kinds work ethics. There are ones that have excellent work ethics, some dont. Citizens, H1B, etc… difference.

    My problem is with this whole hiring H1B system is that for so long the H1B employees have been racking up the work experiences that they now hold the knowledge and ability to get things done. I would have preferred companies made this investments on US Citizens rather than on H1B.

    Now it is difficult to make a case to hire US Citizens because they simply do not have the work experience.

    Again, US Citizens did not gain the work experience -someone else did.

    We need to start, need to start, giving these work experiences to US Citizens.

  29. I have been in the industry for 30+ years, 25 years at one of America’s largest and reputable company, and have seen it all. One of the negative affects of the H1-B program and the impact on the industry, to date, is a thick layer of middle to upper East Indian managers. As a result, this has decreses the chances of local talent, specifically minorities professionals to excel into those ranks. Due to this layer of management, more East Indians are hire and can easily advance up the ranks, not because of talent, but because of countrymen first. There are some that are very talented then there are some that are not. With the thick layer of management, the ones with marginal talent will always have an advantage. Additionally, as the lower level of East Indian individual contributors increases (as a function of what’s mentioned above) such as juniors engineers, mid level and even senior engineers, there’s a high probability of the management layer to increase, as to what is seen today in the industry. It’s similar to a self generating system that’s become the big elephant in the room that no one wanted to address, until now. This is the ongoing problem with the H1-B program. It has to be revisited and reformed.

  30. Amiya Shrivastava

    Yes, there are scams and there are scammers but it’s not true that every job that the H1Bs do today can be fulfilled by a local American. A substantial percentage of these jobs, yes. But not every job.

    If you have really worked with talented H1Bs, you’d understand that they are smart and unique. There are also some H1B holders that are trash. Same goes for local Americans. Some guys are incredibly smart and some are trash.

    So, the debate shouldn’t be about H1B guys need it. The debate should be about how only the most talented people that you guys are seeking get them.

  31. Former Tech Worker

    Allow people to compete honestly in an open job market that doesn’t put everything through corrupt contracting agencies or ignorant HR departments. Many of the jobs listed don’t actually need the experience or degrees listed in the job ad. How many development and IT jobs require theory skills one learns in CS or math programs, particularly advanced degrees? Truly bizarre, because many of the required technical skills (that list of obscure or cutting-edge or obsolete technology and languages, often combined in one job listing) are things the HR personal placing the ad doesn’t understand; perhaps the contracting agencies are the ones giving information *or* the job simply hope for someone who can fit all of those skills to possibly work on every single project they have. Since resumes are screened by software, interns or entry-level staff, they follow a checklist. Don’t fit the absolute requirements or have some other “red flag” (like being too old – all those tips about leaving off dates are silly, since no dates is a red flag itself – only “old” people do that) and you don’t even get past screening to plead your case.

    The only person who fits the bill is someone who is willing to lie, covers for it well in the interview, and figures they will easily pick up on the disparate skills on the job. Years ago, employers expected that someone who was bright and had a good track record of previous tech employment. I’m not saying that this means someone from outside the US, as this has been going on for years with US tech people who were willing to fudge on the resume and interview (guess why “tailoring” resumes started – yes, I’m old enough to remember). Add in corrupt contracting agencies (can’t name any, since Dice is partnered now with one – which may mean this doesn’t post) who give preference to people they feel are reliable and it makes for a broken system.

    What used to be the largest tech employer in my city has announced yet another round of layoffs. They pretty much switched to all H1-B contractors through a contracting agency about 10 years ago, so they’ve already been through the train-your-replacement stuff and are now down to eliminating H1-B jobs, too (the layoff numbers are kept down because people can apply for other jobs, but none of those other jobs are in the same city or in tech; no one is going to pay to move from a well-paying tech job to a minimum-wage or commission retail job). When ads for this company show up, even H1-Bs who aren’t desperate know to stay away because of the horrible track record and the sorry state of people who are still working there, but then the company whines that they can’t find people. Vicious circle.

    In a perfect world, companies would place honest ads and realize that, particularly in tech, “hit the ground running” does not mean you have the exact checklist resume, but rather that you pick things up very quickly (how many “hit the ground running” jobs then sit people for two weeks to read all the requirements and practices?). The applicants could come from anywhere. Phone and Skype interviews are the first step anyway. The company gives a standard moving allowance (yeah, that will happen). If they hire a non-US employee, the person can show they have a job and can afford to come here, so they get a work visa; there’s no agency involved and the worker won’t be beholden to that agency. US workers would get a genuine shot at the job, because there isn’t an agency involved. OK, the company has to have a real technical HR person, which isn’t going to happen, so maybe go through the tech departments for initial screening. Oh – those people are too busy (read: Don’t want to deal with it). Maybe you’re starting to see the problem, and it’s not that candidates, either from the US or elsewhere, aren’t any good.

    It takes months now for companies to hire someone not because they can’t find anyone who can do the work, but because they still have this mindset of needing to find the perfect fit, but what they want isn’t possible (few 25-year-olds with 5 years experience in a wide variety of skills plus a degree exists). The whole hiring system in tech has basically ground to a halt with fears and unrealistic expectations, and the contracting agencies were willing to step in, so they now own the process.

  32. Siddhartha Das

    Guys you can keep fighting imt all jobs will go to offshore locations.
    All H1B guys pay taxes which will go to other countries governments…Remember its an era of VPN s and remote desktops.And the internet network is very strong now a days
    .at eod its its profit for companies and loss for the people.Do you have any idea on how many US companies have registered in India after you started this rucus..Best of luck…!Try banning internet guess it will be better.
    America has become slave of capatilism.Look at the insurance premium you pay , You can understand from that.Stop internet ai and robotics..

  33. This message is for Richard Burke. Why don’t you take your Envoy company and incorporate in India if that is where you think the best people in the world work. The best workers in the world are right under your nose here in the USA!

    It’s greedy people like you that are ruining the US economy for the middle class and undermine and manipulate the whole H1-B visa process by using it to get cheap labor, NOT THE BEST LABOR!

    You make me sick and you are not worthy of being an American!!!

  34. James Lennane

    I have been out of work for the past year despite a great modern resume. In my case its the age discrimination practiced by HR staff. I am 78 years old.
    This problem is exacerbated by the H1-B program. Perhaps a reasonable approach would be to limit H1-B employees to no more than the quantity of 50 year old and older tech workers within a company.

    • unca alby

      Dude!! You’re 78?? I’m 64 and I thought THAT was old!!

      I’m fortunate tho, I don’t look my age. I don’t lie on the application, but I don’t admit anything either.

      • James Lennane

        Older can often mean more expert. My intelligence is still sound.
        What is a serious hypocrisy is that most of the companies advertising on the recruitment sites unequivocally proclaim that the do not discriminate on all of the standard groups including race, gender, religion etc plus group “age”. In our politically correct environment there are litigious advocacy groups for many protected classes. However, “age” is always a factor. I’ll include my one time employer IBM, where the recently failed to even acknowledge a serious application from me. Where I reside today, a major insurance company is quite active with H1Bs but I cannot get an interview.

  35. hill raiser

    The narrative of “companies cant find enough skilled workers in the states” is a complete BS line to bring in people who will work for less than the people who are/were educated here.Paying their families bills, contributing to the American economy, paying back their loans, paying car, house and living expenses into the American economy… WE DO NOT NEED ANYMORE people here from other countries acting as scabs/second class citizens, ‘breaking the lines’ working AGAINST THE COUNTRYMEN of this nation who put their faith into the system… A system that told them “yes” youll get a job after you take your expensive loans, car payments and house payments out. A system essentially that is now run by liars

  36. Michael

    This is just a DUMB article. Look at how they try to hijack the language. “Resistance” has begun. Resistance my arse. WE the PEOPLE are resisting the tyrannical government that foisted H1B alphanumeric soup visas down our throats. We don’t want it “reformed”. We want it ERADICATED. There is no room for negotiation in that expectation.

  37. All comments on stagnated compensations are true. As an IT person I do not want my kid to go into IT. When young people ask me about job prospects I tell them to go elsewhere. I am looking into other areas such as real estate to fall back on when most IT jobs end up in H1B hands.
    I think what we need is to hire a lobbying firm. I am pretty sure if all native workers come together we can outspend these companies on feeding the lobbyist. This is how things can done in the Congress.

  38. As a Liberian a company should hire anybody, they chose inducing immigrants. The problem with the H1b is the program is a government subsidy of businesses. The wage is set to minimum of 60,000 so get what, the job only 60,000 rather than what the market can bear. The H1b is also contributing to the real issue of credential creep that is the credential is more that the skills needed for the job. The problem is the companies need BS degree persons but universities take four years to produce one, so H1b to the rescue. The problem H1b subsides companies not to find a better solution like seeing match a job requirement to skill; perhaps some of the jobs only need an Associate degree, military vocational or even a high school graduate with vocational or apprenticeship program.
    Still look at all you complaining, you have the skills why not go at it alone and start a business instead. I can think a few opportunities.
    I do think we should end H1b and fold the slots to a general guest worker program. Sorry Google and Facebook you have to lean to share and come up with your own solutions.

  39. OK so let get the logic on the whole AntiH1B and ProH1B lets look at the quid pro quo :

    What you think will happen :
    1. Cease H1B completely – they move to India or Canada or where ever they came from.
    Americans replace them and live happily ever after 🙂 yay !!!!

    What actually happens :
    1. Cease H1B completely – they move to India or Canada or where ever they came from.
    2. Money moves people does not.

    1+2 = Offshore the effort(corporates will find the least expensive legal option to draw bottom-line- lets not argue on this this is common sense its like a machine) = Fed/State Tax revenue declines and national debt rises = more jobless/skilless people living off of welfare in america.

    Now can anyone propose a resolution to the above mentioned problem definition. The very fact that you AntiH1B wants to demonstrate on the streets and shout out how this is injustice without finding and resolving the root cause says a lot about why there are immigrants here doing your job. You have been conned because you all are incompetent – go to school learn math and resolve you problems – its comes down to that simple fact of life. America dream my *SS !!!

    • Bill Fredericks

      One very big problem with your “logic” skippy, most companies have learned from previous off shore efforts they cost just as much if not more in the long run.

  40. H1-B is all about flooding the market with foreign workers so employers can push down wages. Nothing more. I’ve worked in business and IT for the last 25 years and I’ve NEVER seen a job being performed by an H1-B person where there was no domestic worker available with the same skills.

  41. You guys are funny – they say they will take the high paying jobs and move them off-shore where they will be low paying jobs. The thing is this guy never had to work with offshore teams – it takes a very special kind of person to interface with an offshore team – a teacher first, an organizer, a project manager and timekeeper and BS detector all at once.
    As for ‘go start your own companies’? Not everyone has that skill.
    I want to work on a fair, even basis and with the H1b, L1 and B1 visas – and the H4 EAD – that is not possible.
    I also want to work with peers – socially and professionally – and that is rare with the foreign workers I have worked with in the office. I want co-workers who respect and treat women in the workplace as equals – that is rare with many of the H1bs. I want co-workers whose skill set matches their resume – that is also rare with H1bs. And, I want to be able to rely on the completeness and correctness of their work – again, a rarity where I see someone code but not test or even have someone else do their work – so a sense of honesty.

    • Richard

      Did anyone think how much damage this visa and imports of labor cost our country? How about continous damage to our internal labor force because of lack of jobs to fulfil for decent rate and kids not going to schools because they can not pay back student loans on those lowered labor rates after they graduate? How about job placemet agencys that charge more than people that they employ and statements i can get cheaper h1 from india so we make 75%..Prices to clients going up.Labor rates going down…is this going to continue or we shuld start raising our voice…

  42. Seth Rich

    We’ve lost our income, our culture and our children’s future because the corporations who employ us and the politicians who we empower have sold us out. I make purchasing decisions for my employer. I find reasons to eliminate companies who undercut fellow american workers with H1Bs.

  43. Against H-1B

    I am a real victim of H-1B . This person wanted my position for his H-1B friend from their country. He was not the boss hired me, but a replacement when my boss went to a higher position somewhere in the company. This person laid me off with an excuse it’s workforce reduction. In 3 weeks, his H-1B friend is sitting at my old desk.
    This is a very large data company. They pay for H-1B’s attorney fee to apply for green card and their salary is as good as the local employees.

  44. Jeff Pryor

    Deport every one on the job stealing sons of bitches. There is plenty of talent in America if cheapskate companies would get off their fat wallets and pay a decent wage. H1-B is just a loophole for fat cat CEOs to drive up stock prices (and their bonuses) on the backs of cheap labor. GE started this crap years ago and you see where they are now. Personally, I hope they go under. And that goes for any of you other pricks out there hiring job-stealing foreigners.

  45. The ‘resistance’ is being led by Silicon Valley tech companies who have profits to lose if they hire actual Americans to do their tech jobs. I’ve experienced the idiocy of these H1-B scam artists for decades now and it amazes me what corporations and their management layer will do to undermine American workers. There’s a huge degree of jealousy from unskilled managers towards domestic tech workers. There has not been a single company I’ve worked at over the years (as a contractor *and* FTE) that has improved code and application quality by hiring foreign labor. Not one.

    To their credit, these Indian ‘consulting’ firms learned a lot from being occupied by the British for 100+ years. They’ve mastered the art of manipulating managers into thinking their getting a great deal with ‘the very best tech labor in the world!’… which suddenly changes once the contracts are signed.

    I interviewed a particular ‘team lead’ two years ago for a particular skill set he was supposed to have mastered. It wasn’t a web-based skillset that had a dozen different application disciplines required… just two: front-end and database. He couldn’t answer a single question. Not from me, not from any of the other developers on the team. And yet, we were forced to hire him because he had the title ‘team lead’ at TCS. OMG…

  46. Bleeding Heart Liberal

    I’m a Liberal by definition and I DO NOT SUPPORT the H1B Visa program. It has an overall NEGATIVE EFFECT ON US SALARIES. This program was designed to increase corporate profits pure and simple.

    This article is a JOKE. Dice does not support American workers. Stop supporting Dice until they start supporting us!

    I hope Trump succeeds in ENDING THIS CORRUPT PROGRAM!!

    I’ve seen too many of my coworkers lose their IT jobs to foreign workers to support this BS.

    DICE YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!! Stop trying to make H1B Visa reform resistance a thing. Reform is just the beginning, this program NEEDS TO END.

    Don’t believe the fear-mongering lies perpetrated by the corporations. H1B Visa is bad for the American IT worker…PERIOD!

  47. outsourced_in_Philadelphia

    There is a lot of emotion on this topic, and for good reason. Many good American people have had their lives destroyed by these greedy corporate moguls, paid off politicians, and parasites from across the seas. Perhaps some of the raw emotion that I see should be pasted on the White House Websites. Maybe the President should see first hand by each and every one’s unique tale of woe how far this abuse has gone. Maybe he should see for himself by reading these posts how arrogant and expectant the H1B people are. Maybe then he might actually try to do something to stop the abuse and not just go through the motions to curb the program while members of his own political party are trying to do just the opposite.

  48. Fight For Your Right

    Lost two jobs to H1B outsourcing and in-sourcing. It was tough both times but got myself off the canvas improved on my skill set and got a job paying almost what I was making. I do not like the program though.

  49. Brenda Bashir-Trout

    I agree with most of these comments. Its to bad we allow other countries come in and take our jobs. I know so many people who have trained their overseas replacements and the most recent example that I know of is Starwood and Anixter. We need to tighten up the reins. I use to travel to Canada for business a lot and was harassed, detained and even sent back once. I had grapes in my bag and the customs agent threw them in the garbage and said “we have grapes here in Canada”. They are protecting their citizens and do not want american companies/people coming in taking their jobs so you need to prove a Canadian cant do your job. I even had to have my client write a letter for me to gain entry.

    I refuse to work for these people and they have that slave driver mentality and it is very unpleasant and I hate to say this some smell very bad. I had to speak to a female employee several times as I kept getting complaints. None of this is pleasant and really should be stopped. I hope Trump sets up a 800 line where you can call in and inform the white house when your company is outsourcing and they can impose penalties and other sanctions. I think that would end this trend. On the other hand we “the Americans” need to get more training as we need more engineers.

  50. If there is a so called gap in American skills, well then let’s get a strategy to align with businesses to identify those gaps and get people trained. American workers first not lobbyists in DC.

    • There is no gap in skills , how do people from India have skills ? if USA is hub of IT in the world then how come ppl from india are experts in this technologies ?. Its becoze all work is given to off shore . There they work on new techs and here corporate make noises that they dont get ppl with appropriate experience.

  51. The H1-B worker has saturated the IT work space with an overwhelming number of foreign workers (mostly from India). The American citizen IT worker and more importantly recent IT college graduates are facing an uneven playing field against the H1-B IT workers. H1-B workers will take less hourly money on a contract basis and certainly less on a permanent basis when competing for jobs. Corporate America is complicit in the H1-B paradigm because of the cost savings. Simply put Corporate America sponsoring H1-B visa employees are keeping american citizens out of jobs. To add insult to injury many of the IT recruiters that call me today are foreign (mostly Indian). I believe these recruiters promote their own countryman at the expense of American workers by comparing the cost of hiring an American to one of their countryman as being cheaper to hire the countrymen. In this situation they are using the American workforce to promote their own agenda. Companies like Cognizant, WiPro and other India based companies are causing havoc for the American worker in the IT industry.

  52. I am a proud American citizen who worked in the IT industry for the last 46 years. Thank my lucky stars I recently retired. I have watched the H1-B worker saturate the IT work space with an overwhelming number of foreign workers (mostly from India). The American citizen IT worker and more importantly recent IT college graduates are facing an uneven playing field against the H1-B IT workers. H1-B workers will take less hourly money on a contract basis and certainly less on a permanent basis when competing for jobs. Corporate America is complicit in the H1-B paradigm because of the cost savings. Simply put Corporate America sponsoring H1-B visa employees are keeping american citizens out of jobs.
    To add insult to injury many of the IT recruiters that call me today are foreign (mostly Indian). I believe these recruiters promote their own countryman at the expense of American workers by comparing the cost of hiring an American to one of their countryman as being cheaper to hire the countrymen. In this situation they are using the American workforce to promote their own agenda. Companies like Cognizant, WiPro and other India based companies are causing havoc for the American worker in the IT industry.

  53. Reading most of the comments, seems people think h1b program is causing all the problems..the fact is that IT is a private sector and it cares about nothing but profit…the companies/banks are no more local companies..these are global and doing business all over the world.
    if it is not h1b program, something else will come up..if it is not india or will be some other country..Even in India, experienced workers are being replaced by fresh college graduates who are ready to work for lower salary..its same story everywhere..
    no one is looking at the real danger which is next 5 years 50% of the IT jobs will vanish..not only IT, doctors, lawyers will lose their jobs, most of the retail stores will close down..
    why are the smart americans always purchasing from online platforms like is a giant which will eat up everyone’s jobs..

  54. I receive literally 25+ ridiculous recruitment emails from Indian recruiters every single day, plus half a dozen ridiculous voice mails. The whole IT system is overrun by Indians.

    When I was last looking for work I applied to hundreds of jobs for which I was/am way more than perfectly well qualified, as proven by a resume full of excellent work done as senior level engineer for household company names. I wasn’t offered any of them, in most cases due to ‘purple squirrel’ impossibly detailed years in X, Y, Z requirements that make no sense whatsoever. Meanwhile, the money on offer was mostly numerically less than I regularly made 20 years ago with 20 years less experience! The money in real terms is thus less than half what I was making with one third of the experience! At the same time, so many big name tech corps are constantly whining about a so-called shortage of talent necessitating the need to import Indians, etc, on visas.

    The whole thing is a massive scam!

    As if that level of scam isn’t enough, for the last year I’ve witnessed a major corp in NFC chip space effectively steal my patented IP via the USPTO, IP which they learned about in my job application then applied for their own equivalent worldwide patents 3 weeks later, through the equally corrupted US patent system! After 5 rounds of rejection and endless requests for re-examination the 6th tweak got them what they wanted!

    • Suzan

      So as the American IT community, let’s be agents of change, not complaint! As US Citizens we have the right to vote. Until our elected officials of all parties hear and understand our pain points, nothing will change. This country was founded by revolutionaries, so let’s not forget our heritage which created this great country.

      This is not an immigration issue per se, so much a fair labor issue. Fair labor practices, such as “hire American first”, are not xenophobic rather self-preservation!

      H1-B visas are intended as “temporary”, but have become the norm for permanent replacement of lower, skilled jobs and experience particularly in the IT landscape. HB-B visas are intended only for the most highly skilled and experienced workers, a requirement that is particularly abused by large American multinational companies in the IT and banking industry, as they engage in C2C engagements with large, particularly Indian tech companies. American companies are not required to attest that they offered a job,any job, first to an American. Herein lies the loophole American companies take advantage to source lower paid, lower skilled jobs to temporary foreign workers.

      And, don’t forget, our own federal and state governments participate in the same hiring practices. This is where the American IT professional community needs to focus efforts to require immediate change.

      This not only impacts existing, skilled, experience IT professionals, but out children graduating from our own universities, colleges, and trade schools. How can they begin their profession and experience, when the entry level positions are being occupied by temporary foreign professionals, who themselves are not highly experienced?

      Further, with the saturation of IT employment by foreign workers (more than 80 percent are from India), many are now themselves in management positions (which should never be allowed for temporary workers) so they show hiring bias for their compatriots, thus creating reverse employment discrimination towards American IT workers, particularly women in technology (WIT), who only represent 26% of the IT workforce. Meaning only 1 in 4 IT jobs is held by a woman (of any nationality)!

      The only way to be an agent of change is to voice your concerns to our elected officials. Look what just happened with teachers in Arizona’ Red for Ed movement, which by no means over. We are taking our voice to the polls this fall.

      Look at what are high school students have accomplished by speaking out for gun control!

      So many more examples can be made! We can vote, H1-B visa and L-1 visa holders cannot. So let’s use our voices and be heard loud and clear to effect change. This is still our country, let’s own it!

  55. if H1B are highly skilled then why their spouse need jobs. It’s like US citizen dont have jobs and your giving away jobs to outsiders .”Charity starts first at home” first take of your own citizen before doing jobs to others.

  56. I am US IT worker and now when I am applying for a IT job no one is hiring me becoze all this jobs in testing are already taken by spouses of H1B on H4 EAD work permits , what should I do how do I feed my kids , what the point of education & student loans when I cannot get a job . Stop H4 EAD and control h1b , there is no American Dream now .


    Americans will hire the most qualified. Indians will only hire Indians at american companies. It is a virus. It wont end until all IT workers are Indians.