5 Worst Programming Languages to Learn in 2018

Learning a new programming language is often necessary for work; but a new study suggests some languages just aren’t worth your time, regardless of why you want to know them.

Codementor recently examined some top programming languages in an attempt to decipher which are dead-enders. It measured community engagement, the job market, and “growth and trends” to provide an average weighted score. As you can see in the chart below, Dart is one you should definitely avoid in 2018.

The reason Dart is so toxic is 2018, according to Codementor, is its perceived short shelf life. One developer told Codementor: “No matter what Dart’s features are, or how easy Dart makes web development, the fact is there are a lot of other options out there and they all make the same claims, so Dart doesn’t seem all that relevant anymore.”

Google’s reputation for dropping projects may also play a part in Dart’s perceived weakness. With Go and Kotlin demanding much of Google’s focus, Dart may simply be a language that never took off internally or externally. Kotlin was a strong contender for TIOBE’s top honor in 2017, even though that group’s most recent study shows it’s used far less than Dart (still, it’s a ‘first class’ language for Android, and Go has seen a lot of uptick in the past year or so).

Objective-C falls into a similar category. Apple still provides legacy support, but the entirety of its focus is on Swift, Objective-C‘s successor. The Swift programming language will also receive ABI stability later this year, which will really start putting nails in Objective-C’s coffin.

We should point out that, while Dart and Objective-C have clear usurpers, all three – Go, Kotlin and Swift – pop up on Codementor’s worst-languages list.

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Dice’s Salary Survey backs Codementor’s findings up, at least in terms of the job market. Dart doesn’t even register on Dice’s skills list, and Objective-C developers are earning 6.7 percent less YoY (down to $108,843; still above average, but trending down significantly). Unfortunately, Swift, Go, and Kotlin are too new or underutilized for us to provide reliable details on their performance in the job market.

It’s important to remember this is all future-facing. Go, Swift, and Kotlin may not be the languages du jour, but each is the future for their respective use-cases. Other poor performers, most notably CoffeeScript, back up another finding from TIOBE: scripting languages are on the decline.

3 Responses to “5 Worst Programming Languages to Learn in 2018”

  1. This article is a joke. Erlang is a powerful language that many people use for building fairly powerful IoT stuff and its used a lot in block-chain development. Elixir is also a good one in that regard. Dart is going to see a large resurgence as a result of Flutter going into Beta and Dart 2 being released. Dart is a really under-used and under-rated language that has been crushed by this stupid idea that it was made as a javascript replacement language. Google hasn’t dropped dart, in fact they used it all over their company. Adsense was writen in dart and the up-coming Fuchsia OS will also feature native dart/flutter applications and UI elements.

  2. I think Dart may see a large increase in interest due to its capability to write once for IOS or Android with near native performance. Its performance is purportedly faster than React Native.