Meet the Bill That Wants to Expand the H-1B Visa Program

Does the term “I-Squared” ring a bell? It’s the nickname for “Immigration Innovation Act,” legislation first introduced in 2015 that is on the verge of reappearing. If it passes, it could expand the H-1B visa program even further.

Speaking with Axios, Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) spokesperson Matt Whitlock confirmed the bill is in the works. The most ambitious part of the proposed legislation (Axios obtained a copy) is the expansion of the H-1B visa program to 195,000 recipients, annually. The current cap on H-1B visas is 85,000.

In addition to expanding the H-1B program, the bill will also allow spouses of H-1B visa holders to work in the United States legally. Here are Axios’ other takeaways from the bill:

  • Eliminates the per-country caps for green cards.
  • Increases visa fees to provide nearly $1 billion for STEM education and training programs for U.S. workers.
  • Allows approved, unused green cards from previous years to be reissued.
  • Expands the cap for researchers and those who have advanced degrees.
  • Raises the minimum salary H-1B dependent firms must pay their visa workers to $100,000.
  • Requires that the salary be increased based on inflation every three years, specifically targeting India-based outsourcing firms who are H-1B dependent (meaning more than 15% of their workforce are visa holders).
  • Makes it easier for H-1B workers to move to other companies without the threat of losing their visa sponsor.
  • Calls for a study within a year of the bill’s enactment to reevaluate which kinds of jobs are eligible for H-1B workers.
  • Simplifies the H-1B petitioning process for employers.
  • Requires that companies applying for H-1B visas prove they made efforts to recruit Americans to the same positions first.

Whitlock said, “High-skilled immigration is merit-based immigration,” and added that I-Squared “represents an ideal first step in bringing Republicans and Democrats together to address flaws in our broken immigration system.”

Right now, it’s hard to make heads or tails of the H-1B landscape, or proposal of reform. The Trump administration was set to tackle spouses of H-1B holders, eliminating the H-4 visa that allows them to work stateside. This new “I-Squared” bill would allow spouses to work, and it’s not the only legislation making its way through the House and Senate.

It would be safe to assume Orrin Hatch’s blessing would be enough to give “I-Squared” legs in Congress, but it’s not the first time we’ve seen this particular bill. It first appeared in 2015, co-sponsored by senators Jeff Flake and Marco Rubio. Axios didn’t say whether or not those two were on-board this time, but the text does have edits from Senator Chris Coons (D-Delaware).

72 Responses to “Meet the Bill That Wants to Expand the H-1B Visa Program”

  1. John Connor

    What a wrong solution!

    They will find a way to keep the scam!!, for example the employer already charges more than 100K per H1B holder, the employer will keep importing cheap labor, the H1B holder still is a cheap competitor for US Citizens in many areas, all the companies will be full of H1B’s and nobody from this country will find a job in the near future!

    Somebody checking the authenticity of their backgrounds?
    Somebody checking the authenticity of their diplomas and experience?
    Somebody checking IF really they are working or are the modern slaves?
    Somebody checking IF they do not receive any money or paycheck the first year?
    Somebody checking IF they do not file for social security number the first year? 🙂
    Somebody checking IF the H1B is auto paying himself through the ’employer’ ? 😉

    • John Doe

      Don’t be stupid man. Rednecks will continue to be rednecks, they will be fine living at their RVs and they will continue to collect unemployment from the SS from the money H1B visa holders pay every damn check.

      Supply for H1B workders will continue to be delivered until US can fullfil on their own their needs.

      • Pretty obvious by the broken English that you’re part of the H1-B infestation and therefore part of the root cause. I’ve endured the arrogance and hubris of your compatriots for over fifteen years, including correcting y’all’s $hitty code in the wee hours whilst on call for multiple Fortune 100 corporations.

        • I can second that opinion, as someone who has worked for a place with all US-born developers and then later worked for a place that hires all contracted non-US developers. Sorry it hurts your feelings, but the standards and quality of the 2 groups are vastly different.

        • SimplyPut

          You hit the nail on the head. Arrogance is correct. Even when they are dead wrong. I too have seen the withering domestic population in the workplace and it’s not because we don’t have people with the skills either. There are young, innovative students graduating from college now full of ideas and willing to work who cannot find jobs because they are going to H1B visa candidates. Total waste of money for these guys until the Government does something. I would have said “recognizes” and does something but they already recognize it’s just that they want to take care of big business more than they do the average worker.

      • Unemployment benefits and SSDI/SSI are not synonymous, hence the different names. SSDI/SSI represents disability benefits paid at the federal level through the Social Security Administration

        40 quarters of work credits are required to apply for full SSDI. Less than 40 work credits obliges one to apply for SSI.

        Unemployment benefits are administered at the state level.

        One cannot collect both unemployment benefits and SSDI or SSI concurrently. SSDI/SSI require substantive proof of disability that’s expected to last at least one year or result in death.

      • Robyn Young

        You stated “collect unemployment from the SS” Unemployment does not come from Soc Security. It is a state program partially funded by the govt’s budget to states. Y’all have a nice day now, ya here…redneck developer out of work.

      • The US had highly skilled engineers long before the cheap labor H1B scam. Yes. I am a US born engineer that has seen his salary drop over the years. No I do not blame Indian workers.Blame is on their companies that exploit them. American engineers must and will continue to fight he H1B program.

      • Agreed, I have been in the game for over 20 years only to see cheap labor from all parts of the world arrive on our shores. For you youngsters out there, we invented the tech. However, off-shore has been better and making the mouse trap better. I have worked with some great off-shore and some bad off-shore. A majority of the off-shore are freshers that don’t know jack and must trained at our expense.

        Go Trump!!!

        • SimplyPut

          Trump is for his “Billionaire Buddies” who are all for the H1B Visa workers because it’s cheap labor and keeps them in billionaire status. It’s all lip service like the tax bill the benefits the rich and steals from the poor and middle class to pay for it.
          They act as if they want to do something about the H1B Visa problem but they really don’t. That would be too much be like taking money out of their pockets. They want you looking at the boarder and blaming the Mexican rather than looking at the companies that hire the illegal immigrants and the H1B Visa workers.

      • They are giving the data and intelligence/processes away to foreigners. Who owns the data/know how has the control. Many h1-b programs have foreign leads. It’s not rocket science, really.

    • Alex Sammarone

      I don’t believe in this program. there are so many Americans in search of work and the government still prefers to do nothing but allow non US citizens to dominate ceretain areas. we should stop this program and give the positions back to Americans. If these outsiders become citizens than more power to them and welcome but keep America First.

      • Raising the H1-B salary floor to $100K would all but eliminate the gap between H1-B holders and American IT professionals, who’ve been qualified and available the whole time. There’s never been a shortage of qualified and experienced Americans to fill highly skilled IT jobs. The Catch-22 is that American C-level clowns want to pay less than the prevailing local wages and avoid paying benefits so they can get yet another unearned and undeserved bonus for ‘cutting costs.’

    • Fifteen-plus years of defensive and tactical coding to mitigate or correct the often appalling code written by the majority of H1-Bs I’ve been obliged to work with has been a trial to me.

      It’d also be a big help to have access to English subtitles during teleconference bridge calls since it’s nearly impossible to understand what some of the ‘contractors’ are saying.

      Years ago, I watched a Citigroup project manager of long tenure nearly blow his stack because an Indian contractor wouldn’t answer the PM’s simple question during a root cause analysis meeting. All the PM wanted was a yes or no. The contractor kept up the technical non sequiturs and broken English till the PM finally hung up on him.

        • It kills me that after many years of successful programming projects, at the age of 58 I can’t even get an interview. I am thinking about developing a prototype of a program and making the rounds at angel investor groups, but I completed an entrepreneurs workshop in Austin TX and they said that only about 1% of the companies that request funds receive them, and only 1/3 of those companies ever return any money to the investors, so the 1-300 odds don’t excite me.

      • A. Dealejandro

        I’m in a company right now with like some 25-30 H1-b programmers and the managers who are also Indian are asking to save the projects built by this h1-b programmers who right shitty code.

    • Leander

      H1B visa is should be terminated. There are enough Anerican people who can replace H1 B workers. The problem is consulting companies hold the jobs of major companies under their foot and they outbid Amercan workers request of a decent wage. In fact a American worker who applies for a job is blatantly ignored unless they go through a contractor. Currently the American worker is just a prop to win contracts, easily terminated once the contract is secured. For example the work of 5 people is outsourced to India and other countries, while the contract is written for 1 or 2 workers. This is how they outbid local contractors, so American workers don’t stand a chance. Microsoft, Facebook , Google and Amazon are repeat and major offenders of the displacement of American workers. They displace older workers, do not provide training, devalue people as humans in many ways. They hype and advertise their work environments which is is just a sham, behind which you find a overworked, under paid labor force constantly under stress and the hammer of being terminated. It is inhuman and the largest offenders are contracting companies headquartered in India or other country, but with a local offices, that helps them misuse the guidelines for hiring American workers and helps them flood the market with H1B a d OPT international workers. Washington State, New York and Washington DC are the largest offenders of outsourcing. You can make more money working for a McDonald than working in some jobs in the tech area. H1B was the tool used to flatten and greatly devalue the American technical workforce, that boomed in the 90s. This same style is now spreading to all other professions, even medical and blue collar workers in the industrial and transportation field. No area is exempt. Its spreading like a virus, so much that Americans cannot make a decent livable wage even with good education, thus accelerating the degradation of Americas current labor force, where people are forced to live from pay check to paycheck, with no hope of a retirement. This has caused early deaths, suicides and health problems in the GenXers. As a result they have a short life span filled with health complications and ending in their 60s and 70s, compared to the Millenials, who continue to live to 90s and 100s. Additionally they are forced to care for their Millenial parents who constantly vote against their Interests. This has got to end.

  2. Dipankar Sharma

    Donald Trump USA is not your father’s country . So please thinking about USA and after 5 years you will be kicked out by USA citizens. Do not try to be Ronald Reagan.You never can be……

  3. John Smith

    Trump must veto this if it passes Congress. I can’t imagine how this helps American workers. This is crazy insane to double the current numbers, as well as allowing chain job outsourcing for spouses. Orrin Hatch is a disgrace to conservative Republicans. He has gotten soft in the head as he has become corrupt.

  4. How much is Hatch being bribed by Tata consulting to push for this. I hope Trump keeps his promise to end the H1-B program . Instead of wasting time investigating Russian influences in the elections, we should investigate obvious bills being introduced by Congress for their own financial gain.

  5. There are literally millions of older IT workers in this country who have lost their jobs due to blatant age discrimination in the tech industry. Politicians are totally oblivious to this fact. Keep the H1-B people out of the country, enforce the age discrimination laws, and hire older US citizens to fill the positions.

  6. I worked for a Huge company with a household name (top 5 Brand), and they brought over Engineers at the leadership level, (Engineering Managers, Engineering Team Leaders, Engineering Specialist) and not one of them had the equivalent of even an Associates Degree. It made work a HARD place to be! I don’t mind those with the earned education because they can contribute when situations call for real problem solving. But when they are unqualified and living at the higher level of society they result to very, very cruel games to take care of each other and themselves. Furthermore they become staggeringly arrogant because the visa will state that their skillset “can not” be found in the United States. I lived this for several years and the wrong that I saw is mind numbing.

    • I, also, experienced this in an aviation seating company. The “clean sheet” designs and total lack of manufacturing back ground drove a Prime organization into the ground. Now just a shell of itself with the target of managing the “cost” of engineering through imported engineering. What a scam.

  7. So H1-Bs will get guaranteed raises while I not only don’t have that guarantee, but also can get fired and replaced by them? How much are the Indian companies like Tata paying these skum bags to pass this bill.

    • Tata, Mastech and Infosys are the three horsemen of the H1-B tech-apocalypse. The icing on the cake is that Oracle and Microsoft got in bed with India back in the 1970s and helped that nation establish special technical universities by giving them all the Oracle and Microsoft training materials/curriculum that existed at the time.

      Clearly the long game for Oracle and Microsoft was to train dirt-cheap labor overseas for eventual importation to America.

      The Y2K flim-flam of the mid-to-late 1990s was the first wave of recruiters and employers claiming a shortage of domestic IT talent. The recruiters wanted their commissions (here it’s a 38% markup on the hourly/yearly rate). The employers wanted cheaper labor than the prevailing street value for American IT pros.

  8. What baffles me is how someone can wake up in the morning look themselves in the mirror and believe that just because they can they can at the cost of thousands if not millions of American families
    Deny them an honest days work for honest pay
    And only because think they should make more millions to add to the millions they already have
    The crazy part is it’s totally short sited
    You give an middle class American expendable cash and they spend it in America creating more jobs and causing the economy to thrive
    You give a pay check to a non American they send most of that money back to their families causing their countries to benefit thereby eroding the American economy
    I don’t understand how I can walk through whole depts in a company and know-one speaks english
    I don’t understand how at Kaiser in 2004 I made $24 an in 2016 for the same job I’m offered $16 and the recruiter doesn’t speak English at all
    I thought the H-1B program was for tech jobs at the higher programing / managment level but not at my level, how did that script get flipped
    I’m all for diversity but I can’t see how whole dept’s of one nationality can be called diverse

  9. John doe

    I agree with many of the blogs above… But let’s focus on a solution. There are many ways to cut this foreign labor cake. Why not….

    instead of forcing a salary minimum, mimic the Swiss government policy which regulates the foreign worker pool by imposing a salary equalization tax, effectively reducing the cost advantage of utilizing.cheaper foreign labor. This policy can further be extended to place a salary cap, based on the job class and based on the local cost of where the labor is being imported from.

    The equalization tax will level the playing field for Americans and shifts the competition to be more truly based on talent and skill sets. The salary cap will also prevent talent agencies from gaming the tax and raising salaries to generate profit, and in effect, reduce the equalization tax. This will also filter the foreign worker applicant pool to those who truly want to be in America (not just for the money). The tax collected from equalization can then be invested on Americans, such as for training and education.

    To make this work, the path from H1B to citizenship should also be made more stringent – perhaps a minimum waiting period of several years, until a foreign worker has invested the sweat equity and earned the ability to apply for permanent residency, and then another waiting period of several years until citizenship. This prevents foreign labor from gaming he system and getting permanent residency of citizenship just to skirt around the salary cap and the equalization tax.

    Perhaps not perfect and requires fine tuning, but I will suggest this is a good option to start with.

    • John Doe

      That last part has been around for a number of years already. Green card process now takes six plus years, as far as I know. Green card to citizenship is about three or five years already. Don’t believe that will solve the issue.

      Remember that foreign labor can not just walk in and take over American jobs. It is the corporate leadership in this country that wants the perceived cost reduction. You will never solve the foreign workers problem while allowing upper management to have free reign in hiring foreigners.

      Heck, why not just insist that every H1b worker has to have a 2-year Master’s degree from an US accredited university? Or a 4-year Bachelors? That will put in the time investment you want. Plus, likely they will be much more competent.

    • Fred Johnson

      A wage minimum is no deterrent to hiring off shore. There are too many ways for out source forms to game the system. They could claw back wages from the H1B holder, who would happily give up a percentage of the salary to keep the visa. They might not even pay the full $100K to H1B holder. Enforcement of such a system would be impossible.

  10. undefined

    the h1b program is also very racist. Can you imagine if you walked into Amex or JPMorgan’s IT department and it was 99% white or black? All hell would break out. Why is it ok for these companies to give a racial preference to indians and no one mentions how racist that is? As an IT worker i feel very uncomfortable in these non-diverse work environments. I think we should file for legal action against the big companies for discrimination.

    • I’m not a fan of the h1b loophole for employers. Having worked for numerous large U.S. Firms I can tell you that this type of labor creates too many issues and back-room deals…thinks of an aerospace company that has to hire a quota of cheap h1b labor to get say land a military weapons deal…but the h1b labor cannot get the proper clearance to work in a cohesive work-team. So it is literally a jobs-program for non-american workers. Also, most of that money made here is not kept here…it is sent back to the country of origin where the dollar is worth more. The folks that work here rarely spend money or go out…live in the cheapest 1 bedroom apartment with numerous roommates. There is a big difference between putting Americans First vs. putting Corporate America First.

    • I worked as a direct employee for Citigroup in DFW in 2006-07 and that IT department was very close to 95% white (and probably 85% male) for the direct employees. The contractors were virtually 100% male, Indian or Pakistani, which in itself hardly contributed to office harmony, but they were all assigned to a call-center type cubicle farm in another area of the floor I worked on.

      Before I got into software engineering, I worked for nearly twenty years as an insurance defense paralegal. Rest assured that the old-money firms of the legal world are to this day a virtual bastion of white male hegemony. The only minorities in these firms work for building janitorial or in the copier room as ‘support/back-office’ staff. The stark contrast of white-on-white is surreal, putting it mildly.

  11. Martin B

    Americans have been complaining about this for years! What makes any American citizen thinks this will change. Unless there’s something akin to a huge march on Washington DC, nothing will change, the H1b and L1 visa programs will continue to thrive, the Washington DC lobby machines in business and immigration law will become even more powerful and American IT work will be given to everyone BUT Americans and will go primarily to Indians!!

    Only one way. STOP THIS NOW!!

  12. Bill C Torres

    Hey Orrin Hatch, how much does Indians pay you to write up this bill? You wrote up the original bill and now that you’re leaving you want to put some money in your retirement for yourself! You don’t care how about the American public! Well I hope you rot in hell!

  13. They already are finding ways around this law and it is not even out yet. To get around the salary increase they are now offering 10 benched consultants for free with every single consultant the company brings in at the higher salary. So US citizens will still lose jobs to this failed immigration law. The H1B was increased during Y2K. The influx of H1B workers we have been getting have not been needed since Y2K passed. The level of training of those we now get in under what they expanded and stated was to be high end technical staff that companies cannot get in US is a joke. What we get are basically a ton of Y2K level programmers. These overseas consulting firms have bought universities in India and are manufacturing degrees. They send them over saying they have Masters and PhD in Computer Science when they have pulled them right from high school and put them through an 8 month tech training class that does not even equate to an Associates Degree. One firm was even giving false ID to the consultants they send here. Another was specifically recruiting Muslims to work in Systems projects in US and UK. When Trump proposed travel ban they had posted in internal memo and on their website that they would due to Trump Travel Ban have to hire people who would not raise questions/concerns as to their background. They will take a hit financially to get their people on our systems because what they really want is to bring us down and what better way to bring down a computerized nation than by putting their extremists in technology roles in those countries. This new law will help but it will not stop the worst of them.

  14. Those who undermine the labor market of the united states, who destroy opportunity for our new STEM graduates, those people who do these things had better look in the mirror and look at the anger around them for guidance; and they should act on behalf of the citizens of the United States who they were elected to serve. We are not going to put up with this kind of garbage any more. MAGA!

  15. Arglbargl

    As an older woman, it’s impossible to get anything in tech no matter the qualifications or experience (in fact, those seem to count against me). I know that it’s nearly as dire for men past, say, 45 trying to find tech jobs. I also know how few American minorities are working in tech, unless it’s a near-menial job (they get the “opportunity” to run cable). Meanwhile, when some industry craters, there’s always the “people should retrain” idea, when there’s zero chance anyone retrained is going to be hired. Oh – because Americans won’t do the work. Right.

    Sadly, as a standard peon person, there’s absolutely nothing to be done. Politicians of various ilk bleed tears over the need for good tech people, how the U.S. is always falling behind (you’d think we would have hit bottom at some point) and how companies desperately need to import labor because no one here is capable of doing it (the implication, reinforced by H-1B-dependent rent-seeking contractors, is that U.S. employees are stupid and lazy). Disgusting that those already here, whether immigrant or born here, have no voice in the process whatsoever.

    Meanwhile, tech companies want H-1Bs not even so much that they save money, since often they don’t once all the agency fees are added in, but because an H-1B is malleable. Even if the ability to move jobs happens, there’s still leverage that if they can’t continue to work they will have to go home. Thus, companies get people who never disagree, no matter how bad the plans are, who are willing to work all hours.

    I always feel so bad for students who are going into tech with bright eyes, because they’re being sold a huge investment of time and money, but there won’t be jobs for them, and politicians don’t care at all.

    • When for-profit training school are ceaselessly advertising quickie training courses (especially on the radio) for these hitherto high paying tech jobs, that’s de facto proof that the targeted IT subspecialty has finished the race to the bottom of the wage and job stability hierarchy.

      First, it was help desk call center work. Next, installing Ethernet and fiber optic cable for telecommunications.

      Last up – the IDE point-and-grunt software “developer” who seldom understands what sort of code lurks beneath the colorful shortcuts and widgets being moused and jockeyed into what passes for front-end apps nowadays.

      Those of us who’ve been server-side Unix for decades, using vi, sed, awk, Perl, bash and so forth have little patience for the point-and-grunt crowd. 99% of modern software developers have no idea how integrated circuits work or what’s going on under the hood (case) of a server or laptop.

  16. 195K H-1Bs is 195K jobs lost for US domestic workers. This is a scam that allows US companies to sell out jobs to the lowest worldwide bidder. Next time these companies ask you what you think of them let them know.

    • You mean 195k Americans PER YEAR won’t get jobs. The end result will be MILLIONS of lost opportunities for Americans. DJT is the only non-purchased politician out there and MSM keeps trying to sell us the “he’s a crook” or “he’s a spy” or “he’s crazy” story. The only reason things have been better in tech is the monkey-wrench DJT threw in the existing H1-B system — and he did it because he understood the morality of “not selling out the country” Now if we could just get an H1-B program for Congessmen

  17. I was one of those stupid students that invested time and money into a stem degree. I can not even break into to my field because of H-1B. I work a shit job and make almost nothing. I can not even tell you the anger I have for the H-1B program.

  18. NO. There are plenty of American tech workers out of work. Especially in the 50+ age range. Those workers have years of experience and wisdom, yet are passed over for cheap new grads or H1-B. End age and race discrimination in the tech workplace! There are enough American workers out there, but if you keep passing them over to opt for foreign workers, you won’t have anyone to buy your tech anymore because they can’t afford it. End this scam!!

    • Eddie B.

      Let me just add a little more irony to what you wrote:
      When American workers are passed over in favor of foreign workers, the shameful hiring company will not only lose sales to those passed over (i.e. they don’t have jobs/spending money) but also lose sales to their foreign workers who send their salaries to their families back home instead of investing it in the local US economy.

    • I agree with you, Hanna. We need to start a strong movement to stop the age discrimination on this country. They us anything including age and the fictitious belief that there aren’t enough tech workers to hire cheap labor from over seas. Let’s make a stand and vote out any politicians that don’t stand with American workers and mean it through their legislation.

  19. Concerned U.S. Citizen

    The Government NEEDS TO ELIMINATE ALL WORK VISAS. I know a lot of U.S. Citizens still out of work here in U.S.A. Agreements with various countries need to be renegotiated to include “foreign Currency Exchange Rates” We need FAIR TRADE AGREEMENTS !

  20. Edward Kostrzewa

    This a travesty we can’t get jobs in this country because they say there is not enough skilled workers here Bull****. I worked at State Farm in Illinois who has many/numerous H1B visa people and when I got home one day the mail had a letter from a prior tenant that lived in my apartment that said he owed $3,700 in Illinois State income tax dated from 2 years prior. What are they gonna do extradite him from India? I had a friend who appeared on 60 minutes and had to train a foreign worker from India or was threatened by his company Eversource in Connecticut if he didn’t train him he would lose his severence package. What a travesty, I voted for Donald Trump because he said this was going to stop, well Mr.Trump FALSE/FAKE promises, how do you like that! I watched your state of the union address and was shocked that there was no mention of H1B visa termination. Wake up, and your jobs increase statistics, how many of those people in your job growth increases are making minimum wage and not the wages close to what they were being paid when they were working, I’d like to see that statistic! You.could put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig Mr. Trump! When are the american people gonna wake up and say there’s a foreign country who has all our personal information at their disposal, how do we/you feel about that? l don’t. We as americans should boycott all companies who deal with these job stealers!!!!! Wake up America, we are still not great again Mr. Trump!!!!!!!

    • I agree with you all the way, bud. People come to this country with no college debt and we, the sons and daughters of hard working Americans, have to try and compete with them, having thousands in college debt. Yeah pull yourselves up by your bootstraps and go compete with the imported labor. These politicians are taking in the cash from companies to lobby them for these pos bills that $crew engineers like me, and my American born and educated colleagues. Let’s give them back what they are giving us, and vote there rears out and let them try and compete in our world against the so-called “highly educated” foreign labor. As Americans we have got to stop letting politicians, and the corporations to lobby them for these bills, take advantage of the system and us.

  21. Americans First

    I’ve heard that H1B prospects will be phone interviewed, then send someone else over who can barely speak English. Most immigrants have had to start at ground level then work their way up through the generations – not so now. I’ve seen sub-par work, double-inflated hours (so where’s the “savings”), and well, I’m going to say it – American mid- and C-level managers love having their rears kissed by all the “yes”s they hear from H1B employees. It’s pretty weird working for an American company as an American on American soil, while hearing about the nonsense H1B coworkers were saying because I was a consultant with a competing firm and they wanted my seat for one of their own, which didn’t work out for them, yet that did not prevent them from trying. Turns out most of the lot were let go and sent back to their country, which is even cheaper for American C-levels. Yet I can’t help but wonder how much it costs everyone to bring over tens of thousands of foreigners every year, overpay in OT (so what if no benefits) and train them, then send them back with our knowledge base and experience. I worked with an H1B who didn’t even need to work. She was connected to an upper-management H1B and so could be as disruptive as she wanted – even American mid-management refused to stand-up or intervene as result – her day’s work was to watch online videos, talk with her friends, talk about her maids in her home country, take frequent luxury trips, and harass others in the office for simple amusement. Completely agree with the comment that American grads go through years of expense and effort, only to find that the tech jobs are not only there, but also pay relatively low, even with some years of experience. Managements’ kids will always have a job, how about the rest of us?

    • You should really evaluate what you believe if you really believed that load of garbage. Trump would hire 10 year-old kids at 8 dollars a day to build his ugly monstrosities to make more money.

  22. Lets stop being sheep and do something about H-1B visa program. We are tech people, we should be able to start a virtual movement. I am going over to Facebook and try to start a group page. Come join the group and stop congress from pass new laws that hurt the tech worker. Ask that the President keep his word and eliminate the H-1B program. Have the DOJ look into false documents summited for the visa program. American Technology Jobs for American Technology Workers. American STEM degree = American STEM Job.

  23. H-1Bs have caused a problem that it will take years to fix. It may be permanent damage. It started over 20 years ago. It has degraded the pay for the work and caused many high school grads going to college here to not choose the field. This is a fact! Like immigration in general, nothing should be done until the existing mess is cleaned up. It’s on the companies that exploit the cheap labor and the governments that have refused to enforce the laws that are on the books. Better known as corruption. Lastly, high-skilled in India != high-skilled in the USA.

  24. Daniel Pride

    I suspect there are other reasons for H1bs in many companies. I worked at Liberty Mutual Insurance, my last jobs were trying to train tamil programmers to take over the app which 50 some US developers had built (including me at various parts) over 20 years. Its was a multi-multi-million dollar corporate asset. My boss on the tamil team (I reported to both as a consultant) was a mid 20’s idiot with filemaker skills (close to secretarial level skills if you don’t know IT), he overruled me and submitted the code for review the team had produced when I told him it was crap, it was rejected on review and I spent christmas and new years rewriting it. Mine flew thru, they got the contract, I didn’t. Lots of Really great 4D developers I personally know would have drooled to get that contract at that time as the tech was not expanding at that point. I had to ask myself, WHY would a corporation risk an asset of that value in this manner. Worse the Code is all being obsfucated, from what I saw of related modules that had been already taken over, with nonsense naming schemas that make interpretation by somebody coming in all but impossible.

    Good luck with a real meaningful US audit of a massive company in which the principles and investors are inevitably going to loose everything as Global Warming takes hold.

    If you WERE going to try to drain your assets out from under the storms, hurricanes, and earthquakes, that are now starting, the LAST thing you would want would be some honest American Software Dev who’s mother had a policy. Heck they would rat on ya in a minute. Tamils,… not so much.

  25. It’s ludicrous that we have Politicians stating they work for their constituents while continually promoting the needs of non-US residents/foreign concerns. Worst yet is that they’re focus on passes regulations where no funds are for oversight are available to verify the regulations are being adhered to.
    Unfortunately, this near-sighted approach will continue to lower and stagnate wages for US residents and promote non-residents standard of living.
    That being said; there shouldn’t be any issue with offering H1B visa, if an organization has done it’s “due-diligence” to absolutely determine that they are unable to find qualified applicates from a pool of US residents. Otherwise the organization should be either suffer hefty fines and possible restriction from hiring H1B visa holders or subcontractor organizations.
    Additionally, foreign contractor agencies should be restricted from doing business in the US when it is determined that they have cheated the system by using other forms of visas to access US jobs. Some of the cheaters have used reference:
    Beginning in the 1990’s, it was true that technology companies were having trouble finding qualified candidates within the US. On a reverse side of the coin many of the companies found the H1B visa program as an easy way to find lower cost contractors while having the advantage of the “threat” of “non-sponsorship” if the contractor didn’t work as a slave laborer.
    Today however, technology companies have no excuses regarding the inability to find qualified candidates, training is available, the technology workforce is more adapting to change, additionally there is more employee loyalty from US residents to the company’s goals, than from foreign H1B visa holders.
    Unfortunately, these problems will never be completely resolved until the officers and board members are held personally financially responsible for these indiscretions.

  26. We have to stop H1 Visa’s and spouse Visa’s period. We need to give these jobs to American’s. All of the tech companies are comprised of 50% plus Indians. I have been forced to hire them myself and found that they have no more skillset than the next guy. In fact you can’t verify their education.

  27. H-1B Casualty

    I worked in a Fortune 10 company in 80s and 90s in Technical as well as Management positions and then other Fortune 50 companies as a consultant at senior levels in IT. I have seen the state of IT pre and post H-1B invasion. I had to make a three week trip to the home office of the Indian company, after repeated unsuccessful efforts at educating them from States side, who were supplying most of the offshore workers for a project, besides a significant number of onshore H-1B people, just to “teach” them how to participate in conference calls. The technical abilities, attitude and simple soft skills were non-existent in those people, still the executes in the company kept expanding the scope and participation of these people to other and newer projects. I have retired now but it pains me to see good American workers being laid off and made to teach these ignorant fools to do their own jobs and then lose their that same jobs. It is a sad state of affairs and ANY politician who does not educate himself/herself to this reality or ignores it should be ashamed of themselves.