Python Certifications (and Where to Get Them)


Certificates are a way to show how you’ve obtained a deeper level of understanding about a language or skill. Python, one of the more popular languages around, has plenty of certifications you can take advantage of. Here’s how and where to get them.

Online Courses

If you want to get a good Python certification, online courses may prove your best bet.

Udacity offers several courses that touch on Python. It also leans on the language heavily for its “Intro to Computer Science” program, and has a dedicated “Introduction to Python” course. From there, it suggests you scale up to its Data Analyst nanodegree program, which offers a certification.

Treehouse also has a Python Basics course that walks you through the core concepts of Python, and has you building three apps before finishing the course. This course can be taken for as little as $29.99 per month. A full-fledged Techdegree from Treehouse is $199 every month, which comes with a proctored final exam and an actual certificate of completion.

Coursera is another good option. On top of offering a lot of courses, it also has ‘Specializations’ that earn you a certificate. It’s a bit like going to college without earning a four-year degree. It even has a Specialization in Python, which (like Udacity) offers basics as well as data analytics.

Going Uncertified

Certifications take time, and often cost a good chunk of change. If you don’t have either of those, there are still ways to prove you know your Python.

Udemy has tons of bespoke Python courses. They will all teach you quite a bit about the language and its underpinnings, but won’t actually earn you any sort of certification. They’re typically cheaper than a proper certification course, though, and you can always list them on your résumé.

Another way to show your worth to potential employers is via open source. Contributing to Python projects shows you’re a willing and able participant in the community. It’s also monitored activity, so any accepted pull requests are (proverbial) feathers in your cap.

Getting The Job

What ultimately matters is landing the job. To do that, you’ll need the right mix of experience and education. You’ll also need to demonstrate that you are proficient in the skills your potential new employer needs. Sometimes a certification can’t teach all of those elements.

Certifications are always a good choice, nonetheless. They demonstrate your ability to follow through, learn skills, and transfer them to real-world scenarios such as building apps or analyzing data. Certifications are also quantifiable items for recruiters and employers, which is an important first step for them on their road to hiring you.

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