Set Precise Pay Scales with Dice’s New Salary Calculator

Employers know the difficulty of setting the right salary levels. Offer too little, and you won’t attract the specialized talent you need to make a company or project a success. Offer too much, on the other hand, and you can undermine your budget for the entire year.

What’s the solution to this particular conundrum? The new Dice Tech Salary Calculator allows you to see what tech candidates are worth, set pay scales with precision, and ultimately help secure the talent you need.

The Salary Calculator is the result of Dice’s data team crunching its voluminous database for insights into tech pros of all types. Many calculators out there rely only on job title, experience, location and possibly one skill to estimate a salary; with Dice’s calculator, on the other hand, you can layer multiple tech skills. In tech, that unique blend of skills more accurately predicts a salary, especially for highly specialized positions.

As tech professionals progress through their careers, and add cutting-edge skills, their worth fluctuates. No two web developers or sysadmins are exactly alike, for example, and the Calculator’s output reflects that fact.

The Calculator is particularly valuable as employers, recruiters, and hiring managers look toward 2018. With tech unemployment still low, and companies hungry to acquire talent to push into new areas such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, being armed with the right salary data is essential when facing fierce competition. Check it out at

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