Get a Sneak Preview of Dice Talent Search 3.0

Tech unemployment is practically in the basement, and tech professionals (like myself) know it. The most sought-after candidates rarely stay on the market long, and finding well-qualified talent with the exact skills you need is like locating a needle in a haystack.

With nearly 70 percent of tech candidates confident they can find a favorable new position in 2017, we know you need to find these elusive “needles” faster than ever before.

That’s why the Dice product team spent the last year digging in, concepting and developing a new way to quickly and more precisely search our database for the tech talent you need.

Why Talent Search 3.0?

Our first priority was improving our search relevancy. To do this, we leveraged modern infrastructure to create a faster, more stable and easier search experience that ultimately leads to noticeable relevancy improvements.

Second, we wanted all our customers – those in North America as well as across the globe – to benefit from our robust search engine. We started rolling out Dice Talent Search 3.0 in the United Kingdom, and now we’re ready for our U.S. customers to start benefiting from it.

What’s New?

To build Talent Search 3.0, we began with the best data and features from our current search and added more. New features include:

  • Skills-Based Searching: This new filter allows users to easily search for years of experience by skill. Looking for a developer with at least three years of experience in Android? Just plug “Android” and “3” into our Advanced Search.
  • Candidate Activity: With our previous search, Dice customers could filter candidates by their activity on Dice within a certain period of time, such as over the past 30 days. With Talent Search 3.0, we added another filter, allowing you to get more granular and search for candidates based on when they last updated their résumés.
  • UI and UX Enhancements: With regard to usability, several new items have been designed to speed up your sourcing. For example, the candidate profiles cards, found in the search results, now offer better readability, so you can quickly scan for the most important candidate information.

In addition to these new features, we also overhauled our Employer Dashboard. Not only did we give it a fresh coat of paint, but we also built in rich ROI data so Dice customers can easily see how their jobs are performing and what their database usage looks like.

Last but not least is something near and dear to me: our Dice Chrome Extension. I’ve personally spent the past three months overhauling the Extension to make it work harder for you. Check out the new version in the Chrome Store, which allows you to tap into valuable Dice data – including résumé, contact and skills info – wherever you source on the web.

Curious to play around with our new search and see how it works? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us at