These Tech Hubs Pay the Highest Salaries

New York

2016 Salary: $99,345
Year-over-year change:
-1.7 percent

After years of hard promotional work, New York can claim the crown of the East Coast’s preeminent tech hub, due in large part to a host of startups in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens that have survived and prospered. The sheer diversity of firms in the city means an unending demand for developers, engineers, network administrators, and data analysts. Area schools are also renowned for their respective tech-focused curriculums.

The next big city should be familiar to anyone who works in tech…


2016 Salary: $99,290
Year-over-year change:
-2.3 percent

Tech pros in this longtime hub continue to pull down high salaries, due in no small part to competition between local giants Microsoft and Amazon. Both companies have pushed hard into the cloud, e-commerce, and mobile, with new technologies such as augmented reality on the horizon; as a result, there’s a need for everyone from software developers and A.I. specialists to support specialists and salespeople.

In addition to the big firms, it also pays to stay on the lookout for promising area startups and local branches of tech giants—for example, Facebook subsidiary Oculus has an R&D facility in nearby Redmond, Washington.

Speaking of Washington…


2016 Salary: $97,958
Year-over-year change:
-3.4 percent

…Washington D.C., that is. Whatever happens in the White House, Washington D.C. will always need tech pros with an appetite (or maybe it’s the patience) for working with the federal government’s giant systems. Cyber-security professionals with the right mix of certifications and experience also have their choice of firms, especially in the wake of some high-profile attacks and infiltrations. No matter what anyone may say, salaries are bigly here!


2016 Salary: $96,530
Year-over-year change:
0.2 percent

As with other cities in Denver (such as Colorado Springs and Boulder), Denver is attracting its share of startups. For companies large and small, the city holds a lot of appeal, most notably its highly educated workforce and top-notch university system. The local defense industry also demands its share of tech pros with the right combination of skills.


2016 Salary: $95,130
Year-over-year change:
2.1 percent

Dallas has traditionally surfaced in a lot of job postings on Dice. Although often overshadowed by Austin, which has a reputation as a hip locale for startups, Dallas boasts substantial industries driven by data analysts and other tech pros. For example, between 2003 and 2013, the number of computer and software programming jobs in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area more than doubled, from 10,387 to 23,193, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). It seems all that influx is driving higher salaries

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