These Tech Hubs Pay the Highest Salaries

Top Cities by Salary

Certain cities also offer tech pros a higher average salary than others. Topping that list is:

Silicon Valley

2016 Salary: $114,184
Year-over-year change:
-0.2 percent

Silicon Valley continues to dominate the nation’s tech scene. In order to grow and survive, local tech giants and startups alike need the best talent in highly specialized fields such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. That influx of highly skilled (and highly paid) talent, in turn, puts considerable pressure on the housing market, leading to an absurdly high cost of living in San Francisco and many of the outlying areas.

But that pressure also leads to ever-higher salaries and great perks, as companies fight over tech professionals who really know their stuff. As with many of the geographic areas on this list, Silicon Valley boasts several key attributes for growth, including amenities, innovation cultivators (i.e., accelerators and V.C. incubators), universities (which pipeline talent to companies), established tech companies, and an abundance of office space and transportation options.

Next up is…


2016 Salary: $103,368
Year-over-year change:
2.1 percent

Thanks to major universities such as MIT and Harvard, Boston tech firms have access to a pipeline of top-tier talent. But given how the city is just one tech hub among many, companies have fought for years to keep graduates around, instead of moving to Silicon Valley or New York City.

Boston tech firms also tend to be highly specialized, with a focus on areas such as biotech, Big Data analytics, and ERP/CRM applications. That means a continual demand for business analysts and managers in addition to developers and engineers.

For the third city on the list, we’re heading back west…

San Diego

2016 Salary: $102,899
Year-over-year change:
4.0 percent

Despite pressure for talent from Silicon Valley and Los Angeles, San Diego has more than managed to hold its own among California tech hubs, developing a healthy ecosystem of startups and established firms. Maybe tech pros are coming and staying for the wonderful weather?

The fourth-ranked city on the list, on the other hand, experiences some pretty nasty winters…


2016 Salary: $99,404
Year-over-year change:
-1.0 percent

Back in ye olden days of 2015, Dice’s data suggested that Minnesota was the fastest-growing state for technology jobs, edging out California, New York, Washington, and Texas. While it seems that salary growth has leveled off somewhat, tech pros in Minneapolis-Saint Paul—home to a growing collection of startups and major corporations—can still expect to land high salaries.

Heading west again for fifth place…

Los Angeles

2016 Salary: $99,400
Year-over-year change:
-2.2 percent

Thanks to the rise of Snapchat and other startups, Los Angeles has been able to reposition itself as “Silicon Beach” (a title also claimed by Miami). The City of Angels is a growing hub for V.C. investment and innovative founders, and tech pros can expect to land a salary high enough to justify those lofty expectations.

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