Trump Giving H-1B Visas ‘Comprehensive Look’

Will President Trump reform H-1B visas?

Even if he plans to do so, it likely won’t happen in the short term. During a March 8 press conference, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told the audience of journalists that the H-1B visa program is under review.

“The President’s actions that he’s taken in terms of his executive order and other revamping of immigration policy have focused on our border security, keeping our country safe, our people safe,” Spicer told the press. “And then, obviously, whether it’s H-1B visas or the other one—spousal visas—other areas of student visas, I think there is a natural desire to have a full look at—a comprehensive look at that.”

Spicer was responding to a question about whether Trump plans to revamp the H-1B visa system before April 1, when the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) arm of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) begins accepting H-1B petitions subject to the fiscal year 2017 cap. The U.S. government will grant H-1B visas issued during this period after October 1.

Spicer didn’t define that “comprehensive look.” Although Trump spent his Presidential campaign suggesting that the government end the H-1B visa program altogether (“We shouldn’t have it, it’s very, very bad for workers,” he said at one point.), his administration has yet to push through legislation or executive orders related to it. The USCIS recently suspended premium processing for all H-1B visas, pending a review, but the core program is ongoing.

Soon after his election, Trump hosted a meeting of prominent tech leaders at Trump Tower in New York City. Attendees included Apple CEO Tim Cook, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and Tesla/Space X CEO Elon Musk. Immigration came up as a topic, with Trump reportedly amenable to modifying the H-1B program.

“In our view, the President-elect is not hostile to H-1B visas,” an anonymous source familiar with those discussions told Reuters at the time.

Is Trump stepping back from his campaign’s hardline position on H-1Bs? It’s too soon to tell: this administration has a number of other priorities, including healthcare and tax reform, occupying its time and attention. But as Trump continues to speak with tech leaders, he may prove more amenable to the program than people thought at first. Wait and see.

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  1. H1-B is a drain on the US technology sector. It’s why YOU don’t get paid what you are worth, and it’s why IT labor has been transformed from engineering and science (STEM) to a commodity workforce called the ‘gig economy’. Companies have reaped the benefits of this ill-gotten labor scam for the last 20 years. The ones who gain the most are firms like TCS, HCL and their cohorts. American companies have displaced an entire generation of workers, most of who are living below their means with no reasonable employment protections, no career, and marginalized futures. Shame on all of you for allowing this blatant attack on our domestic way of life in the name of capitalism.

    If companies want more qualified CS and engineers – here’s the simple truth: hire them domestically and then establish corporate training to train them specifically for your needs.

    No one admires a cheapskate whose house is falling down around him but still manages to turn a profit. In real estate they call those people slumlords – and you wouldn’t want to live in their buildings if you didn’t have to. Domestic US technology workers feel about the same.

    Pro Tip for Mr. Trump:
    The answer is to allow IT workers to unionize. We did it with all other major engineering sciences- railroads (mechanical), electric (electrical) and manufacturing (process quality).

    The fact that no one is jumping up and down about how important this is unbelievable.

    Whoever proposes this is going to see a groundswell of votes in coming elections, and may become the most important labor leader since Jimmy Hoffa transformed the Transportation industry 60 years ago.

  2. I doubt that President Trump is really going to make a difference on H-1B Visas. He may be draining the swamp and getting rid of all the alligators, but he is re-stocking with crocodiles and snakes. Given the new train-wreck of a healthcare plan that has just been proposed as a replacement for the previous administration’s train-wreck, I’ve lost all confidence and looking forward to yet another 8 years (re-election is assumed) of chaos before we have another chance at sanity on H-1B VISA’s and programs.

  3. Baldev Singh

    Looking after the well being of a nation and society cannot be and should not be dubbed as protectionism .In our economy if we bring H1 and H4 person from foreign shores then we are displacing 2 american citizens from workforce and thus severly retarding the growth of American Family which has been happening for last 25 years with terrible hurt and loss to the American Family and workforce .Unionising IT workers is a great thought and all foreign workers must be required to go home after their contract period is up and if desirous must file for green card from their home country.Foreign workers must have a cap of 3 year work period during which time they must also train American worker to replace them when they repatriate.All H1s capped at 3 years max and H4s not allowed to work at peril of American worker .This H1b ball of wax must be capped at 3 year guest worker act .Wake up before we louse up the American family and destroy the country

  4. The biggest beneficiary companies of H1 the crappy Companies from India which do not produce one innovative software that would make life easy in India and charge young graduates 5 to 7 thousand dollars as deposit before giving employment. Then make them work day and night on software used by US companies. This program continues to dump programmers in USA and now has resulted in a situation that jobs for USA citizens are advertised by body shops in India. These outfits related on both sides to the big Indian companies need to be told to fold. The only H1B that should be allowed to exist is these big Indian Companies and their so called experts be used to take part as instructors in apprenticeship programs conducted by US companies. That way there would be proper vetting of the skills of these Indian programmers and the best of them could take part in contributing to the future of IT in USA. At least for 5 years there should be a moratorium on H1B visa so that we could have an opportunity to see whether we need H1B or the H1B visa holders are a sponge on USA.

  5. IDEA – Since corporations make the case that ‘no-one’ is available in the USA that they can hire, and they ‘must’ get H1-B visa holders to do the work in the USA. If that is indeed the case, that visa holder is deemed to be ‘special’ and should have the right – independently – to seek citizenship without the blessing or knowledge of the sponsoring corporation. After one year of work in the USA, the H1-B visa holder can apply for a green card and after two years of work in the USA, they would be granted a green card. Then they can work for any other company in the USA or start their own business – providing it is in the USA! They would therefore work in the economic system of the USA … and not under indentured servitude! I am currently unemployed with an MSEE and an MBA, and probably should run for office 😉

  6. Billy Bob Johnson

    If only Trump had the cojones to completely eliminate the H1 and H4 visa programs. Unfortunately, those visas are controlled by corporations, who want them to continue and even increase. Corporations control Congress, so they’re not going to go along with any elimination. The U.S. IT sector will continue to hire H-1Bs over competent citizens.

    Full disclosure, Dice. How many H-1B workers do you employ? I’m sure it’s more than a handful.

  7. Michael Bevan

    The sad truth is that there are not enough qualified Americans to fill IT jobs. They lack expertise in enterprise software, unlike most Indian engineers. Tinkering with H1B would be disastrous to the American economy.

  8. Stop this false cry, h1b don’t steal ur jobs. The percentile of h1b workers is too less to be really worried of… if you are worth u get hired.

    Try to compete rather than complain, be in h1 shoes for a day and then you will realize it’s not an easy task. The amount of hours they put in is unbelievable, they work weekends and do extra hours with no extra pay and the list goes on. Let’s accommodate them rather than this fowl cry. Remember we all moved to America and our parents moved here from Europe with no visas. PERIOD.

  9. Trump should save the “Wall” money and spend it on training US citizens for the jobs that corporations “claim” they can’t find. We are destroying our high tech industry and he’s worried about stopping fruit pickers from coming into the country. Sure, any lawbreaker should be deported immediately, but I would think our well payed and high tax paying jobs need to be protected for our economy to turn around.

  10. US Tech

    If Trump fails to completely uphold his promise to The American People to end these CORRUPT H-1B and L-1 visa programs, he will be a”One-Term President” and the GOP will be voted out of the House and Senate beginning in 2018 and will be a minority party for many years to come.

    The ONLY people who say, falsely, that there’s a shortage of highly qualified US tech workers is Tech Company executives and Indians.

    Kick them ALL out!

  11. H1-B needs to be put out of our misery. It has depressed wages for IT workers across the country. It has gotten so bad, my phone rings many times per week with recruiters from India!

  12. Michael Bevin, So you think there aren’t enough skilled US workers? That is absolute nonsense and you know it. US workers being FORCED to train their less skilled replacements is all that needs to be said to your comment.

  13. Joe Programmer

    The current state of H1 visas is terrible. As some of the above have stated. Workers are little better than slaves, and he companies that hold their paperwork often place them in positions that they are unqualified for.

    If the system was rational, the H1 holders would have been able by now to establish companies in their home countries, and make life better for their own people. The way it is, they barely get enough to live on and send money to their families. The system needs reform, for the betterment of Americans and visa holders.

  14. Andrew Jackson

    The problem of H1 is what it is now, not due to foreign companies bringing in immigrant workers, but due to the corporate greed of american capitalism that has created the need and presented a demand for cheaper skilled labor – way under valued in reality. These foreign companies are nothing but catering to this demand. Our American Companies must change and put people before profit – especially our own people (All Americans – irrespective of their Race, Religion, Caste, Creed – including all legal immigrants). Till there is corporate greed, this problem will not go away.

  15. Dhananjay Vemuri

    I believe that there should be balance based on the market need. I came on H1b when there was extreme market demand.. The companies,economy of usa has benefitted more then me. I mean to say there can be win-win situation based on actual market demand else history repeats…There are Japanese cars & germany cars ( as american cars cannot compete on pricing and features)..The same thing will happen if h1b is reduced..The foreign IT companies comes and capture instead of foreign workers..In short quality of labor and value of labor in the modern day demands highly skillful,highly advanced and stressful jobs and in technical areas..American universities research ,students admission and foreign workers still account less then 5%..The real problem for america is unskilled,uneducated and no market demand or investors investing like olden manufacturing based economy..People anger is justified but they have to understand the modern society skills and globalization context…Investors invest for better value and profits.. The profits come from innovative workforce..Technological evolution cannot be stopped though they can be delayed… However i am not supporting h1b or h4.. I am just analysing the trends and patterns of the university.. American have to work hard else its going to be foreign workers or foreign companies… If we improve and get qualified to be the best in the world then either ones demand will be there…

  16. H1B has clearly been abused by consulting firms whether american or indian companies: Accenture, Deloitte, HCL, Wipro and many others. I have been dealing with this for the last 15 years. Please stop asking me to do the “needful”.

  17. @DB
    The amount of ignorance you are spreading around really hurts.
    Most IT companies actually exist because of highly skilled and motivated immigrants. If you count all h1b’s, EAD’s, L1’s, O1’s, TN’s, GC’s, and US citizens who has become citizens in last 30 years, in Google, Facebook, Twitter, IBM, Amazon, Apple, Tesla… you will realize that those companies exist because their most skilled workers that built those companies are immigrants or children of recent immigrants.
    You can always replace anyone by anyone, but you cannot replace knowledge, talent and motivation. And nobody can train you for that.

    If you still don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, just check spelling bee competition winners in last 15 years

  18. Server Guy

    Boy when you are wrong you go big!

    In just one company in the Los Angeles area 800 employees were laid off and replaced with foreign labor either with H1-Bs or remotely. The resulting issue was that since all those workers did pretty much the same job not only were they competing against each other, they were also competing against others who were also laid off in the “Manage by wire” trend that hit the Entertainment industry 5 years ago. Many lost their homes, had to sell their cars, and remove their kids from schools in order to survive. Out of touch much?

    The ‘work harder’ mantra you spew is promotes a dysfuntional lifestyle that damages society. I was already working ‘harder’ putting in overtime without asking for pay and getting certifications in the hopes of getting upper managements attention. That didn’t matter.

    Companies look at an American worker’s salary then compare it to foreign labor salaries and once they see they can replace the American worker with 5 foreign workers who also have certs and training – the choice is obvious. Now there’s a bunch of smart Americans with with skillz and lots of free time to hack your doctors office and your bank. 🙂

  19. Server Guy

    “Google, Facebook, Twitter, IBM, Amazon, Apple, Tesla… you will realize that those companies exist because their most skilled workers that built those companies are immigrants or children of recent immigrants.”

    Built? Don’t you mean run by? Americans built those companies. Or did you want to overlook that? By the way you should dump that Yahoo address you are using. Didn’t you hear they were hacked not once but twice?


  20. OMG! If I hear another foreign national justify the H1-B program, I’m gonna puke. So much information is spun. So, all of you H1-B proponents, how do you justify what cognizant tech and Disney have done to displace Americans? Whether Trump follows through on his promises remains to be seen, however, the trojan horse has been exposed. Bottom line, historically, Folks worked/fought hard in this country to establish fair employment & labor laws to protect the common man and unfortunately, these laws are being systematically undermined by cheap labor.

  21. The comment about American IT workers being forced to train their offshore counterparts is absolutely correct. We all what the next step will be. Trump needs to eliminate H1-B in the interest of our young people coming out of college into an economy where the entry-level jobs no longer exist because companies would prefer to hire 2 or 3 Indian offshore workers instead. The situation has been dire for nearly a decade now and must be reversed.

  22. @Server Guy
    This is not a discussion which nation is more skilled. Americans have build America to what it is today. Greatest and strongest country in the world.
    But many americans have been and are immigrants.
    You are not native either.

    Apple has become what it is thanks to an immigrant. Google was built by an immigrant. Tesla is built by an immigrant (and it’s name is name of an immigrant that invented electricity as you know it).
    And the man would never landed on the moon if there wasn’t an immigrant to lead the project…

    So it shouldn’t be a confrontation but discussion and collaboration.
    Technology is changing the world so fast that any disruption can have consequences. We need America to continue to be the greatest in the world.

  23. The H1-B scam is so much bigger than what anyone here has mentioned.

    These foreign companies (like HCL, Infosys, TCS, etc.) bring in H1-B employees from India, pay them Indian salaries of $10,000 per year(!!!) plus 1/2 or so of the per-diem to cover their expenses, no medical insurance, no US benefits, except two trips a year back to India for family reunion.

    They charge their American clients $5-10/hr less than American consulting companies do, so they win the bids, and pocket the huge profits while suppressing American salaries or consulting rates.

    And come tax time, these employees file 1040s showing their Indian salaries of $10,000/year, so guess what? They qualify for Earned Income Credit – a US government subsidy for working and earning below the poverty line in the US.


    And if that is not a scam, I don’t know what is.

    Computer consultant’ rates are now lower in absolute numbers (dollars per hour) than they were in 1980, and since then the dollar had dropped in value (and earning power) to 1/3 of its value then.

    H1-Bs MUST BE STOPPED. Period.

  24. There is no doubt H1B program helped lots of Indian and third world companies. Let us not forget, H1B program benefits are earned legitimately with Hard work by all the third world workers. Now, we would really know, What is real value of the H1B program to American corporates, with H1B program on hold. This is a good test for American competence.

  25. I agree that H1B visas need to be rationalized and the abuse stopped.

    I came as a International Student 21 years back, worked through my life honestly and am working in the IT field of a Wall Street bank in NYC area. The Tech team I work with 90% Indians coming through a scamster Indian company called Cognizant. These guys have no work ethics, unprofessional to the core and have seeped into the Management too by having their folks planted there.
    The unethical behavior starts at filtering the resumes. Only Indian ones preferably of their states are cherry picked. Instructions will be given to external recruiting agencies/vendors to prep the resume for the role. Only if no doctoring can be done, a non Indian will be considered. Next the interview process, where they try to determine not the skills but how close you are to them back in India. If a nonIndian the process will be tough with answers refuted as wrong. If a non Indian crosses all these and joins it will be a nightmare for him with office politics. The so called skilled professionals from Cognizant (as a matter of fact any Indian employee) will not cooperate and will blame for any thing said or done. You will be a scape goat and punching bag. No complaints to HR will work and will only backfire as you will be asked to speak with Team Mgmt first. I realized I was hired for my Indian background from past but things turned downhill the moment they realized I am here in US for long and no longer Indian in their terms.

    I have observed the same in Job searching periods too. The recruiting calls I get are mostly from Indian bodyshoppers who will become disinterested when they hear I am an USC. Worse they copy my experience into some other Indian H1B person and send those ppl to interview. I have come across this when one recruiter sent the email to modify my resume with this experience accidentally.

    This H1B from scamster consulting companies have invaded like pests in almost all of Wall Street Bank’s IT dept. It is a chain reaction getting worse. I support Trump on this scrapping. Of course a few genuine people will get affected but on a majority it will be most affecting the scamsters.

  26. Whoever comes on H1B are very high skilled and travel all the way from Asian countries to Westeran world with lot of skills, also loses all relationships from his own country for work dedication, basically coming here to Serve the USA with high technological skills,.

    Good thing about H1s are they never say NO for any technical complex work, where localets just say they can’t do it,.

  27. Server Guy

    @Dhananjay Vemuri

    Thanks for your comment. It’s always good to see things from the other side.

    “There are Japanese cars & germany cars ( as american cars cannot compete on pricing and features)”

    Cars are not people. They are material things. No one will dispute, that due to automation, every countries citizens may no longer need to own a car.

    Just to give you the ‘other side’ you aren’t seeing, imagine you are a tech who built a system in a company which the company was never aware of. It required scripting which you learned to do evenings after you got home from a 12 hour day at work. The system has images which you built and configured by department, each with the software stack required by that department – with software licenses pre-loaded. The system allows 1 person to do the work of 10 as reported by the ticketing systems resolved ticket status. You find out there will be massive layoffs and you are stressed about that so you take a vaction. While you are out on vacation the tickets stack up and when you return there are 300 tickets intead of the usual 40 per week. You get called to a meeting with two managers from an outsource firm and they ask you to review an install guide for a common piece of software nearly every computer uses. They want you to approve it. You are told the manager of the group that’s coming in to replace you doesn’t understand it and needs an explanation. Mind you this is software that only requires clicking a couple of ‘next’ buttons and an ‘agree’ button. The most time consuming and hardest part of the installation would be reading each screen and clicking the buttons. This is basic stuff that any computer worker should know and that’s the guy who was replacing 20 engineers who had MSCEs, MCPs, ACSAs, RHCSAs, RHCEs, RHCVAs, CCNAs, CISSPs, CISMs.

    You’ve been told a good ‘story’ (or read a few good stories) by your fellow comrades and the leadership who hired you. You have no idea what the landscape contains because you are new to that landscape. I truly hope that you take the time to educate yourself more on this issue because if you don’t it’s your naiveté that will soon cause you to be looking for a job.

    “The real problem for america is unskilled, uneducated and no market demand…”

    Companies lay off employees because they get workers trained in the latest technologies, it’s a better deal financially than sending their current employees to get training, it’s cheaper because they can reduce benefits and the foreign workers don’t know any better, it’s cheaper because they can sell the new guy on working hard to move up and advance over the guy who’s already familiar with company rhetoric about advancement and already looking elsewhere for a job because he knows they haven’t delievered on raises, promotions, or training opportunites (that’s the healthiest thing to do), but the new guy doesn’t know that. Especially the foreign worker. Think about the job you do, the skills you have, the knowledge you have. Do you actually believe that the American worker has less of those? If you do than you watched too many episodes of “Green Acres.” Do you think your countries schools are better than Americas? We are comparable. We are the same. The only diffence is that the foreign worker has given American CEOs a shortcut to devaluing labor. You gave that to them. We don’t blame you for taking advantage of an opportunity but stop being so naive about the world. If you are going to take a job from someone at least ask for a comparable salary (Which you will NOT get now or going forward because you were part of and aided the dilution process).

    I want you to see it from this perspective: You’ve liquidated your 401K to pay the bills, the finance company has asked you to return one of the two cars you own because you can’t afford the payment and you can’t sell the car because no one is buying anyting because the economy is dead, You have missed your home mortgage payment, and there you stand in front of the refrigerator looking at the empty milk jug you were just going to reach in to retrieve to prepare a bottle of milk for your baby girl and it’s empty and the $450 unemployment check is already gone because you needed to buy a TAP card to take the Metro to a job interview. We are the same and you just don’t realize it.

  28. The only people commenting here are the people who have not been able to adapt to the competition and crying sore. Tell me something, if a bunch of 7-8 companies are the major hirers of h1b, and take off the bulk of the 85k cap, then they are all the companies that represent the USA? Everyday I open some local job site and at least 100 jobs shows up with 2-3 pages.
    Also stop crying around saying you have 20 years of experience in mainframe and blah blah blah…nobody gives a darn about mainframe.. Companies shift technology to the latest and greatest more often than you imagine. If you cannot keep up go to some other field. If you want to keep up, forget your invalid mainframe experience and learn something new.
    Don’t feed to the hate. 99 out of 100 jobs don’t even want to sponsor h1b.. Tell me I’m lying!! Because I’m not! They are unable to fulfill the position because people are unskilled. In our company they don’t even sponsor h1 and it took us 6 months to get 4 position. People come to the interview and refuse to code..they are too high and mighty to code..and then there are people who don’t even know what a prime number is forget about coding to figure out which numbers are prime. Seriously, stop complaining and learn something. You’re not entitled to a job, you’ve to earn it. Period!!

  29. Guys instead of writing here why can’t you send letter or emails to mr President . I have sent one .
    Let’s keep reminding him about his election promises .
    The h1b ,L1 ,h4 visas are diastareous . They import cheap non English speaking people , who in turn have fake resumes to come here .

  30. Non functional requirement

    H1b is limited in numbers. It does not affect a big market like USA.
    It’s a political trick to make you fool. Even if it is stopped, it’s not going to get huge market. But it’s a big loss for corporates.

    It’s all about business. Nothing else.

    Bigger chunk of economy or job opportunity is manufacturing. USA outsource those. If USA starts those in house they will have big job opportunities. Look! you shall see most of your daily products are made in China.

    China is going to be the biggest economy in near future.

  31. For all those who cry that all the jobs are taken away by Indians, if we talk about number of American students graduating from STEM bachelors or masters, how many do u think are graduated each year? And compare your study with how many jobs are available in America. Myself being a MS graduate from US, I have hardly seen any American in any of my classes( my university is one of the top univ in Michigan state). When the demand is more for skilled workers but you don’t have enough supply that’s when you outsource the candidates from other countries. All you cry is about H1bs and thanks to trump if he shuts down the H1b, all the major companies will be moved to India and you will have no jobs left nor your economy benefits from H1bs and Masters students fees..

  32. Death By Outsourcing

    Stop propagating the misconception that “There are not enough American workers to fill tech jobs.” The H1B visa program exists for one reason – to force labor costs down.

    Even if this were true, how do you explain that the list of the top 10 companies who benefit from the H1B visa program contains at least 2 Indian contracting firms – Infosys and Cognizant. Contracting companies exist because big tech companies like Microsoft and Amazon liked the idea of offloading the cost and risk of providing benefits to a 3rd party – again all about cost. We didn’t seem to have any problem back in the 90’s finding qualified contractors to fill these roles.

    And this article is not about immigrants…it is about H1B visas. I have no problem with immigrants who come to this country to contribute and eventually become American opposed to importing talent from other countries who have no intention of becoming American, but only to leech off America.

  33. Samuel Allen

    As an US citizen I understand why H1 visas should be removed or should be reformed. But there is always two sides to the story.

    I have a few close Indian friends who tell their side of the story. Do you know that american universities give false hopes to naive Indian students that they could earn a masters degree and then work on OPT for three years in their field of study. But you would be shocked how many such students are actually got their resumes rejected just because they are on OPT. With huge loans on their back these students had to make fake resumes or apply for H1 visa.
    It is us who has invited those people into our country and as a host it is our responsibility to take care of them.It is rude to hate them or carry any hate crime. If we are really bothered by them working in the country we have to politely ask them to leave.

    • Another US Citizen

      I have debts: a mortgage and 2 car payments. Does that automatically give me the right to falsify my resume? I think not. And your close Indian friends would more than likely stab you right in the back if they thought they could bring another Indian over to take your position at your current job. I’ve worked with several and their ideas very closely coincide. Be extremely cautious with them.

    • @Samual Allen: as a US Citizen, born in tthe US, I attended US universities, and have accummulated a substantial student loan debt. That is on top of mortgage debt, and currently I don’t own a vehicle or have a vehicle loan. You mentioned, and I quote: “Do you know that american universities give false hopes to naive Indian students…” Well, American Universities make the same promises to American students, too. In fact, the same promises are made to everyone who walks through their door. Universities are in-business to enroll students and collect tuition, and deal with related red tape to keep the money coming in. Actually educating someone is secondary. Finding someone actual employment is secondary, too. Perhaps I should go to India, get a degree in bicycle riding, and pull a rickshaw around Bombay or New Delhi and beg in the streets from the foreign tourists, and sell them maps to the Taj Mahol, since that is about the importance placed on an American in America these days.