This Video Perfectly Sums Up a Dev’s Life

Practical Dev Video

Sometimes, a video has the power to cut straight to the core of you. The video in question could be puppies, or babies, or maybe even food, but it will make you cry nonetheless.

We sense the tears from this video will be a little different. To celebrate 100,000 followers on Twitter (yes, it’s good for more than just trolling President Trump!), The Practical Dev made a video that shows us exactly who we are. Dubbed ‘Shit Devs Say,’ it’s exactly that and more:

JavaScript fatigue? That’s definitely a thing. And pushing/pulling the latest pull request is making us anxious, as is Elm (it’s basically just JS!).

If there’s a single identifiable highlight, it’s probably hipster-doofus-Batman-shirt-guy pivoting his company to bots. You know, bots… that thing companies create to get five minutes of press but users never touch because they’re terrible. Bots.

And we all know the guy writing his own JavaScript framework is about to form a startup. He’ll probably call it ‘Fråmwrk’ and do nothing but write JS frameworks for others, but have small print in his contracts stating everything is his intellectual property so he can later go full Oracle-Google on anyone who makes it big. We’re onto you, buddy.

This article is about 75 percent done, so I’m going to ship it. If there are errors, I’ll fix them after publication. Enjoy the video.