Tech Skills With the Fastest Job Growth



Job postings y/y increase: 11 percent

If there’s a consequence to the emergence of large, complex software platforms, it’s that the amount of labor needed to keep those systems running is enormous. From infrastructure building to system administration and security, every aspect of the technology stack demands hordes of professionals to keep everything operational. If companies can develop automation software that allows those systems to run with less people, it will ultimately save money and time.

Automation is already present in technology sectors such as datacenters, which are capable of operating with fewer human employees than ever; one administrator can now manage thousands of servers at a time. Some critics argue that automation is dooming many tech jobs, while others argue that such processes are necessary and inevitable. Whatever your feelings, it’s clear that companies are looking for technology professionals who know how to automate.

Program Management

Job postings y/y increase: 10 percent

For those technology professionals who want to manage workers, becoming a project manager is the next inevitable step in their career. There are a number of ways to end up in management, but the common element is soft skills: unless you can communicate (and empathize) with other professionals, you’ll never have what it takes to succeed in such a position.