How Open-Source Pros Learn Their Skills


If there’s one thing that unites those in the open-source community—besides a love of building and maintaining software—it’s their inclination to teach themselves what they need to know.

According to the 2016 Open Source Jobs Report, created through a partnership between Dice and the Linux Foundation, some 90 percent of open-source professionals keep their skills up-to-date via the self-learning route, reading books and online resources whenever they have to learn something new. They’re also huge fans of online tutorials. (Some 4,500 people responded to the survey that provided the data for the report.)

Roughly 60 percent have also taken online training courses, while another 45 percent said they attended conferences and events. Despite that tech-pro stereotype that everybody who generates code for a living is an introvert, those surveyed also indicated that they consulted frequently with others in order to increase their knowledge: some 42 percent engaged in social and professional networking, and nearly as many (35 percent) participated in open-source meet-ups.

Meanwhile, nearly a quarter (23 percent) said they attended instructor-led open-source training. “Formal open-source training offers a level of depth and accuracy that piecemeal approaches can’t achieve,” the report stated, “and it is clear open source professionals are embracing training and certification developed by industry experts.”

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