Check Out Apple’s New Guides for App Building

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If you’re a mobile developer who works frequently with iOS, you probably have your share of issues with how Apple has built out its app tool-kit.

Apple, ever mindful that it needs developers happy in order to keep the iOS platform growing, has published a new set of online documents designed to give developers (especially new ones) some tips on how to effectively build and launch software through the company’s App Store. But how useful is this new info?

The front section of Apple’s Developer Insights offers inspirational stories of developers who managed to achieve success via the App Store. These tales are generally short, and don’t offer a deep dive into the daily grind of programming and development; but if you want a glimpse into the thinking that went into apps that achieved some success, this section is worth a few minutes of your time.

Another section, “Planning,” does provide that plunge into the nuts-and-bolts of building. If you’re debating whether to build an app, for example, but you’re unsure of the appropriate business model (i.e., free, freemium, paid, or paymium), a new page on the site will parse the pros and cons. Or if you want to more effectively engage users with app updates, there’s a just-launched page for that, too.

Apple also includes guidelines for human-interface design, marketing guidelines, Apple Pay, and other aspects of app creation. If you’re a longtime iOS developer, you’re probably familiar with most (if not all) of these things. For those new to the ecosystem, Apple’s documentation is essential reading. But as any developer knows, there’s only so much you can learn by reading; the best school is actually doing something yourself.