Salaries of the Fastest-Growing Tech Skills

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2015 salary: $112,972
Yr/yr salary change: 8.2 percent

As companies continue to move away from on-premises computing, the need for cloud experts of all types will only rise. Developers, managers, and system administrators need to figure out which cloud platforms will best suit a particular business (or what sort of functionality needs to be built to meet industry needs); hardware experts and datacenter administrators must manage the infrastructure that delivers these services to end-users. At this point, the cloud touches on pretty much every aspect of tech in some fashion.


2015 salary: $129,400
Yr/yr salary change: 7.1 percent

A data-warehouse platform that interfaces with Apache Hadoop, Hive counts Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon as just some of the tech companies that rely on it. Features include support for different storage types (including HBase and plain text), built-in user-defined functions (such as string management), and SQL-like queries via HiveQL.


2015 salary: $147,811
Yr/yr salary change: 14.9 percent

Among analytics technologies, Cassandra has long been one of the highest-paying, along with Cloudera and MapReduce.

Indeed, many companies rely on Cassandra to manage (and scale) data across multiple servers and datacenters with a minimum of latency and no single point of failure. It’s open-source, an added benefit for smaller firms trying to keep their costs low.


2015 salary: $98,293
Yr/yr salary change: 8.2 percent

Juniper Networks offers a variety of network-management products, including (but not limited to) switches and routers; it also offers security software.

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