11 Highest-Earning Developer Jobs


SharePoint Developer

Mean Salary: $100,032
Median Salary: $100,000
Max Salary: $200,000

A Web-application framework developed by Microsoft, SharePoint combines content and document management with a suite of Web-development technologies. Developers working with SharePoint know there’s a complete stack of standards-based APIs for building Web apps, as well as centralized management and security controls.

Oracle Developer

Mean Salary: $96,199
Median Salary: $95,000
Max Salary:

The term “Oracle developer” can encompass a wide range of roles and technologies. In general, though, Oracle developers are tasked with defining, developing, and maintaining whatever Oracle applications a company uses. Although many of these existing jobs focus on Oracle’s on-premises platforms, the tech giant’s push into the cloud (and hybridized environments) means that any developer in this category will need to become increasingly familiar with Oracle’s cloud services.

iOS Developer

Mean Salary: $95,265
Median Salary: $90,000
Max Salary:

Apple’s iOS ecosystem is diverse, thanks to its collection of 1.5 million apps. Whether you’re developing consumer or business apps, there’s probably a market for whatever you’re building. But this rich ecosystem is also a very crowded one; with so many competitors, it’s hard for any one app to truly stand out. That places a premium on developers who can create well-crafted apps with seamless UX and as few bugs as possible.

.NET Developer

Mean Salary: $92,910
Median Salary: $90,000
Max Salary: $480,000

The .NET framework, developed by Microsoft and integrated tightly with Windows, offers a large framework class library (known as FCL) and boasts extensive language interoperability. There are versions available for mobile and embedded devices in addition to PCs. Skilled .NET developers know the platform’s fundamental principles, including interoperability, security, and memory management.

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  1. derk-a-derk-a

    The article mentions emphasis on “median” salaries, but the first page shows “mean” and “max” salaries only.

    How do we know if this follows any methodology?