How Much Do Tech Bosses Really Earn?


DevOps Manager

Median Salary: $160,000

DevOps Managers oversee engineers and production environments. Some may focus more on building and launching new products; others may devote the bulk of their time to maintenance, such as ensuring that an end-to-end cloud service is always available to customers.

In addition to people management, DevOps Managers must also stay abreast of the latest tools and techniques, and decide what to prioritize with regard to employee workflow. It’s a very collaborative, very tough job.


Median Salary: $160,000

A Chief Operating Officer is ultimately in charge of day-to-day operations at a company. It’s hard to overstate the importance of the role. When Apple CEO Tim Cook was COO, his efforts in streamlining the production chain and guaranteeing a steady flow of components allowed the company to grow into a tech behemoth.

Companies without an effective COO (or equivalent) tend to flounder. That’s why the job tends to draw comfortably six-figure salaries, with the perks to boot. Some 99 percent of COOs earn below $293,125, but a few certainly make far more.


Median Salary: $150,000

The CTO (Chief Technology Officer) is in charge of everything tech-related within a company. It’s a “Big Picture” position, loaded with decisions such as whether (and when) to transition to the cloud. Unlike a CIO, who is often concerned with keeping existing systems maintained and secure, the CTO is looking ahead to determine the company’s future technology needs.

CTOs also examine what other companies are doing with their technology, and use that information in their own decision-making. If some new tech will give a firm an advantage over its competitors, the CTO must find and implement it.

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