How Much Do Tech Bosses Really Earn?

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Chief Data Officer

Median Salary: $175,000

With the rise of “Big Data,” more companies have begun hiring Chief Data Officers to decide how to store and analyze enormous volumes of data. It is a role not to be confused with Chief Information Officers or Chief Digital Officers, although all three positions touch on some of the same systems and databases; rather, Chief Data Officers are almost wholly focused on data integration, management, and processing.

In addition, your typical Chief Data Officer will probably head up any and all Business Intelligence (B.I.) initiatives, which transform all that raw data into something the organization can actually use. While the median salary for Chief Data Officers is $175,000, many earn as much as $250,000 per year—and that’s before you start talking about equity.

VP of Product Management

Median Salary: $172,500

This title is often synonymous with “Head of Product.” It’s a senior position that incorporates team management, executive strategy, and workflow to ensure that products reach the marketplace. In startups and midsize firms, VP of Product Management is often a more tactical position; it’s not unusual, for example, to see an executive in this role talking one-on-one with a UX designer about a new app, or trying to wrangle a small team to meet a deadline.

In larger companies, VPs of Product Management can end up overseeing huge teams, and dealing with a lot of moving parts—everything from engineering and marketing to finance and legal. Maximum salaries tend to top out at $250,000 per year, but can go higher.

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