Tech Unemployment Hit 2.5 Percent in February


The country’s tech unemployment rate hit 2.5 percent last month, a slight uptick over the 2.4 percent reported in February 2015, according to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

The technology segments monitored by the BLS experienced a mix of job losses and gains. For example, technology consulting added 4,400 positions in February, down from 4,600 in January. Data processing, hosting, and related services gained 900 jobs, a notable bounce-back after losing 500 in January.

Computer and electronic product manufacturing lost 400 positions, a considerable reversal after gaining 4,000 jobs in January. Manufacturing has long been a soft spot in the overall technology-jobs outlook, thanks in large part to a combination of manufacturing automation and outsourcing.

Overall, the technology industry continues to enjoy higher employment than the broader economy, where the unemployment rate stands at a (still historically low) 4.9 percent. While some pundits have expressed concern over recent layoffs at large tech firms such as Yahoo, and some smaller startups’ newfound inability to land lots of venture capital, the overall economy clearly still needs skilled technologists to help keep it running.

6 Responses to “Tech Unemployment Hit 2.5 Percent in February”

  1. Why are you and others turning a deaf ear to outsourcing? Specifically, H1b and L1 visas?!

    And… The media consistently does!! It’s not only me. I hear this at work, at lunch and people feel like they have to walk on egg shells and are afraid to bring it up!! This is pathetic!!

    Some say to just get used to it. That’s the way it is. Many, many Americans feel screwed and stabbed in the back by US companies, politicians, immigration lawyers and powerful lobbyists. When is this screwing going to STOP??!!

  2. John S.

    Curious to know how Trump would spin this article.

    How are these percentages calculated?

    If you are selected for and interview, you are considered looking for work?

    If it’s not possible to retrain for a new tech because you are burnt-out with constant work, are you counted as not looking for work?

  3. Can you say H1-B? If tech unemployment is so low, then why are wages dropping. Sure programmers are paid better than most other professions, but there have been negative gains since 2008. The rates I see for seasoned .Net developers are the rates I got in 1995-2000. All the recruiters have names like Ragini, Hema, Moonsammy, etc. and are obviously from overseas. They always have an URGENT need, but the rate is $45/hr (I made that in 1993 – first contract). Talking to principals I know in the contracting world, these overseas recruiters are bidding the rates lower and lower. Check out “Disney Workers Forced to Train Their Foreign Replacements” I’m not shilling for any of the candidates, but where was Rubio when Disney did this ? Obama doubled the number of tech workers (Obama gives work visas to H1-B spouses) and Trump has flipped/flopped on this issue – see recent story about an ex Disney worker who attended his FL rally. This is a real problem for American workers – in the Disney case Americans with good paying jobs with good benefits were had their jobs given to cheaper foreigners (presumably H1-B’s if they were legal). The tech shortage is a sham!!! If we really had a shortage of workers, wages would rise. And all you employed tech workers, boycott Disney.

  4. To answer the above 3 questions;
    H1B== cheap labor if you owned the company you would do the same. Reason look up SJW and see the “entry’s” into the labor pool. Oh and you can tell anyone what you make. The stigma is to keep cost down (see item 3). The guy next to me makes about 20K less. Same job/hours/everything shhhhhh (don’t ask, don’t tell)
    Trump spin;
    Bush, Obama, your congress critter. Look at what they did. Congress rates in the tank “but my sentor is great” you voted them in. Real unemployment about 12%. And google your own questions, I already know the answer. That is why spin works. You trust you echo chamber Dem, Rep, Rich, Poor, etc. Research takes work and time, but I really recommend it.

    Office space;
    Not even a little bit. That pic is staged or that is the “sales team,” never forget every buss has 3 departments. Management, Sales and Sales Support. If your not in sales you are an expense to be reduced as much as possible.

  5. Darrell

    @Me here,

    You’d be surprised. I do contract work and I have been to several large companies in San Francisco that has a similar setup. When you start, you receive a chair, phone, laptop, and a three drawer filing cabinet.

    The term techno-serf comes to mind.