Prepping for a Do-or-Die Job Interview


Figure Out Everything the Company Does

Picture this: you’ve sat down with a hiring manager for a job interview. The prospective employer is a software firm with a number of products and services. While you managed to take a look at the company’s Website, you didn’t get as much time as you might have liked to research its history and setup.

The hiring manager’s first question: “So, what did you think of [X product]?”

While that’s a pretty standard question, there’s just one little problem: you’ve never heard of that product before. You have no idea about its features, or how you would have built or managed it differently. Sure, you could evade by saying something like, “I thought it was great.” But that opens up the interviewer asking you for more detail.

Before heading into a job interview, take a lot of time to research everything the company does. The consequences of neglecting this part of your interview prep are potentially dire.

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