5 Talent-Attracting Tech Perks


With tech-professional salaries on the rise, it’s harder for tech firms—even the largest ones—to pull in top talent. That means many companies are resorting to perks to draw in new employees.

While some of these perks are designed to help workers do their jobs more effectively—everybody knows that on-site dry cleaning and cafeterias are supposed to free up more work time—others are expressly meant to help employees achieve a better work-life balance.

With that in mind, here are five notable tech-firm perks:

Unlimited Vacation


A number of prominent tech firms—most notably Netflix and Evernote—have instituted unlimited vacation policies over the past few years, although the practice hasn’t exactly encouraged employees to drop everything and flee the country for weeks at a time: so few employees took advantage of the perk at Evernote, for example, that the company had to start paying out $1,000 to every worker who left the office for a set number of days.

Kickstarter, meanwhile, found that unlimited vacation sparked so much confusion and angst among its employees, it got rid of the policy in favor of giving everybody 25 paid days off per year. With a set number of days in place, workers felt more comfortable taking PTO.

Despite those hiccups, expect unlimited vacation to remain an offered perk at many firms; employers are all too aware of the costs of burnout, especially among tech workers juggling any number of high-profile projects.

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