10 Top States for Tech-Salary Growth


Let’s say you’re a tech professional in one of the country’s most expensive metro areas—San Francisco, for example, or New York City. You’re willing to move someplace that offers a lower cost of living, as well as the possibility of affordable housing larger than a shoebox. But where should you go?

Every state and city comes with a unique mix of drawbacks and perks, but one factor to consider is the year-over-year growth (or decline) in salaries for tech professionals, which can hint at the robustness (or weakness) of the local technology economy.

The following states enjoyed the most growth in 2015, according to the latest Dice Salary Survey. (Some states with notably high growth percentages—most notably Alaska, North Dakota, and Hawaii—didn’t receive enough responses to be statistically significant, and were left off the following list).

First up is…


Year-over-Year Growth: 19.8 percent
2015 Salary: $87,212

Kansas is no slouch when it comes to attracting tech talent. An October 2015 analysis by Dice showed a notable increase in the state’s technology-job postings. While Kansas City might not be a tech hub on the scale of Silicon Valley, the companies that call it home have a need for app builders, Big Data experts, and other tech pros. Plus a handful of cities and suburbs throughout the state enjoy access to Google Fiber—and who doesn’t love ultra-high-speed Internet, especially broadband-hungry tech firms?

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3 Responses to “10 Top States for Tech-Salary Growth”

  1. Joe/Jane Doe

    Forget about WA! Tech salaries here are racing to the bottom while the cost of living sky-rockets. It’s not just that pay rates are decreasing…there’s no hiring. Job orders are opened up but, no one moves on them.

    Things are better in northern CA but, the cost of living is so ridiculous, it’s impossible to live.

    OR is full of gov’t and meth heads.

    As usual, the west coast lags behind.

  2. NY is NYC only. And the competition is insane. Many people leave NYC because getting a job is like winning the lottery.
    The rest of New York state pays very low salaries and treat the workforce as if they are replaceable at the drop of a hat. Many don’t hire direct and the Placement/temp companies laugh when you tell them you are looking for any job that pays a min. Of 15/hr. I have been a hiring mamager for over 15yrs, and I am currently seeking employment myself. Most companies have “salary cap” policies no mattwr how good you are when you reach a certain level you nred to go and are either replaced by someone rlse at 12/hr. Or offered your position back a yr later but at your starting salary .Salary negotiations are non-existent so even managerial potions for MBAs with experience barely make 50k/yr. Employers have a take it or leave it attitude. Combine that with the highest taxes in North America little to no public transportation and typically 6+months of harsh winter. NY and their programs are a joke. The guidelines for their company and job incentives programs are rediculous and do not attract any type of good business.

  3. B_Dauterive

    The Miami area is probably the worst if you are a tech worker over 40. Only damned place in the U.S. where it seems like employers treat English like a second language and even with a tech degree from a four-college and CompTia A+ and Net+ they want to offer you less than $15/hr .

    Freakin’ amazing !