Top 10 States for Tech Salaries



2015 salary: $109,488
Year-over-year change: 6.4 percent

Mention the words ‘California’ and ‘tech’ in the same sentence, and most folks’ first thought is Silicon Valley, that decades-old tech hub outside of San Francisco.

Fortunately, California’s tech community isn’t restricted to that one area. Despite Silicon Valley’s dominance of the national tech scene, Southern California also boasts a rising number of startups, established companies, and venture funding. Over the past few years, well-funded companies such as Snapchat have helped transform Los Angeles into ‘Silicon Beach.’

“The high-tech sector is growing in counties across the U.S., though Los Angeles is not among the top leaders in terms of patents, capital or salary,” economist William Yu wrote in a UCLA Anderson Forecast in mid-2015. “However, there is a large information sector in Los Angeles, currently concentrated in vibrant small-sized firms. Silicon Beach is on the rise.”

Thanks to large clusters of tech firms—and the corresponding need for tech talent—salaries in California were the highest in the nation last year, averaging $109,488. And that’s to say nothing of the perks that many tech companies are offering in order to pull in the best talent.

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