Tech Job Titles With the Highest Salaries

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Security Engineer

Salary in 2015: $107,479
Year-Over-Year Change: 8.2 percent

Security engineers must accurately assess the vulnerability of client systems and understand the current threat landscape. They must have enough experience to recognize issues before they erupt into crises, and organize teams of engineers to seal any security holes as quickly as possible. Given how the role interfaces often with senior management, communications skills are also a must.

When searching for a new position as a security engineer, make sure your résumé and supporting materials paint a portrait of you as a proactive problem-solver, as opposed to a tech professional who merely reacts to emerging threats. Desired skills often include security design, code review, app-security testing, and deep security research. People who reach the top of the profession try to think as far in advance as possible, and build their systems to anticipate threats that might not hit for another few years.

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