Tech Job Titles With the Highest Salaries


Tech Management

Salary in 2015: $129,129
Year-Over-Year Change: 8.8 percent

“Tech management” is a broad umbrella term. But no matter what the company, industry, or job description, the overarching mission is almost always the same: ensure that a technology department fulfills its mission.

While that job comes with a number of stressors—tight deadlines, groups that don’t work well together, the pressures of effectively explaining technology needs to other departments—it’s also one that can prove quite rewarding. Who wouldn’t want to guide a team in accomplishing something great?

That being said, management is a difficult job, one that demands you adapt to your reports’ social styles, understand their resistance to change, make your points effectively, and stay on deadline. As with the other management-centric positions on this list, that means an effective grasp of not only technical knowledge, but also soft skills.

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