Tech Job Titles With the Highest Salaries


Systems Architect

Salary in 2015: $135,812
Year-Over-Year Change: 7.0 percent

Systems architects have a complex job: setting up software and hardware infrastructure according to requirements and constraints, in a way that fulfills the needs of all stakeholders (management, workers, etc.). Systems architects with lots of experience know how to organize high-level requirements, conduct cost-benefit analyses, delegate sub-systems to the right experts to build, and make sure the whole thing runs once it’s done.

What’s the difference between a systems architect and an enterprise architect? Some organizations treat the terms as synonymous; others believe that a systems architect is tasked with building a particular system (and making sure that system aligns with business requirements), while enterprise architects build out an IT roadmap for the overall business. In other words, a systems architect constructs a system (or a handful of systems), while an enterprise architect thinks about how all those systems support the company’s efforts.

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