How Employers Keep Tech Pros Motivated


What motivates a tech professional to stay at a particular job? For some, it’s the salary—and salaries have only been going up for those with the right skills. For others, it’s all about the perks, whether onsite benefits such as free food or the ability to telecommute instead of heading into an office.

As part of its recent Salary Survey, Dice asked tech pros across the nation to call out their employers’ primary motivators for keeping them onboard and engaged. Increased compensation topped the list, but some of the other answers may surprise you.

Increased Compensation

Some 17 percent of those surveyed by Dice said that increased financial compensation was their employer’s primary motivator in 2015.

Even if your employer doesn’t unilaterally offer a salary increase (or a nifty bonus), it’s still possible to negotiate higher pay, provided you come prepared for the discussion. Check out the Dice Salary Survey to see what the industry tends to pay for particular job titles or skill-sets; with a little digging online, you can also find out what your position pays at other companies, or even your own.

Once you’ve done your research to figure out what’s “fair” for your particular skillset, take the next step: an in-depth self-assessment. Sit down with a piece of paper (or your laptop open to your favorite word-processing program) and list your achievements and skills. Whether you’re applying for a brand new job or just trying to get paid a little more at your current one, these items will help you argue your case.

Once you’ve itemized those accomplishments, make another list, this one focusing on your weaknesses. These may include mishandled assignments, blown deadlines, abrupt firings, or anything else you think could harm someone’s perception of you as a solid worker. You’ll want to prepare explanations for each of these, in case they come up during a discussion.

When it comes time to talk money with your boss, emphasize your continuing utility to the organization. If you have the right mix of skills and experience, chances are good you’ll at least be listened to.

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