How Employers Keep Tech Pros Motivated


Flexible Work Hours

Relatively few employers (9 percent) seemed willing to provide their employees with flexible work hours. Indeed, negotiating for a flexible schedule can prove a serious challenge, especially if you’re boss is more of a traditionalist when it comes to working 9-to-5. (That being said, a number of tech firms also have a history of granting flexible hours—be sure to ask around.)

Despite the potential obstacles, many a hard-working tech pro has leveraged their work ethic and results into a better schedule. How do you pull that off? As with any other workplace negotiation, don’t go in cold: create a proposal that explains why giving you flexible hours will ultimately benefit the company. Perhaps working at night will better help you interface with clients or stakeholders on the other side of the world, for example. The stronger the potential upside for the company, the likelier your boss will grant your request.

If you’re just joining a company, make sure to bring up the possibility of flexible hours only after you’ve settled on a salary. While you may feel inclined to negotiate flexibility in your schedule in exchange for certain perks, you shouldn’t feel pressured to accept less money, especially if you’re working the same number of hours.

Promotion or New Title

Although tech pros generally like promotions and new titles, few employers (3 percent) seemed willing to bestow them.

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