How Employers Keep Tech Pros Motivated


Flexible Work Location

Another 13 percent of those surveyed said that flexible work location (or telecommuting) was their primary motivator.

Telecommuting attracted some debate a few years ago, after Yahoo’s then-new CEO Marissa Mayer decided to ban the practice. At the time, Yahoo’s executives argued that having employees actually come into the office would increase collaboration. But many workers love telecommuting, and not just because it saves them the time and aggravation of a physical commute; the ability to work from home (or a coffee shop, or a communal work-space) potentially allows for better work-life balance.

In theory, flexible work locations also give employers the ability to snag the best talent, wherever it happens to live. If you want that particular benefit, you need to convince your employer that you can be as productive and communicative in the comfort of your own home as in an office.

More Interesting (or Challenging) Work

Nearly as many respondents (12 percent) said their employer offered more interesting or challenging assignments as an incentive to stay with the company.

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