Where Does Your State Rank in Salary Growth?

Tech pro salaries are on the rise, according to the latest Dice Salary Survey. But where have those salaries grown the fastest?

Dice’s latest interactive visualization can give you a solid idea of the average salary growth in cities and states around the country. The strong rise in traditional tech hubs such as Silicon Valley—where salaries increased 13.5 percent between 2011 and 2015, to $118,243—is unsurprising; but pay also rose in areas not traditionally associated with tech, such as Minnesota, where salaries rose a blistering 24.1 percent during that same five-year period.

Average salaries for tech pros also hit the six-figure mark in seven markets for the first time in Dice’s annual study. The top-earning markets included:


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3 Responses to “Where Does Your State Rank in Salary Growth?”

  1. This is the average salary. But what is the average # of years does the average professional have in each of those cities to get those average salaries and what is the level of education do they have is the my real question?

  2. ReVeLaTeD

    Russ is spot on.

    This graphic is factual, but at the same time misleading.

    How? Take San Diego for example.

    To rent in a basic, safe neighborhood, you’re over $1500/month rent. To rent close to a job that pays what’s quoted here, you’re over $2000/month for a 1 bedroom. A fixer house in a crime ridden area goes for over $300k.

    Then there’s California state tax which is grossly punitive, the forced expensive recurrent smog checks, and the fact they can turn tickets (~$100) into taxes and charge interest and penalties against them (~$500).

    By the time you account for expenses, your effective pay – your purchasing power – is roughly half what’s shown here.