Ways to Upgrade Your Résumé

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What’s Out

Consider chucking these from your application:

Vintage Fonts

Although Times New Roman typeface is still used in 80 percent of résumés, it’s been dubbed the “sweatpants” of fonts by typography and résumé experts. Put your best foot forward by using a modern, readable font that shows up well in print and onscreen such as Arial, Calibri, Verdana, Georgia, Tahoma or Cambria.

Laundry Lists

Providing a laundry list of every program and tool you’ve ever used is one of the most common mistakes tech professionals make. Eliminate outdated technologies from your résumé, and use subheads to organize your toolbox and call attention to job-related skills.

“The last thing you want is to seem disorganized,” Enelow said. “Separate technical skills into categories and always list the most important ones first.”

One Response to “Ways to Upgrade Your Résumé”

  1. Richard Malsch

    As 1 of the 2 guidelines for “what’s out”, font choice is hardly a deal-breaker, and by choosing sans serif fonts like Arial or Calibri, it tells the reader you care less about readability & more about trend. Using a serif font like TNR for paragraph body text is arguably more readable, and has the added benefit of being skinnier than others mentioned, allowing you to add more content to each printed page. 🙂