Ways to Upgrade Your Résumé

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If you’re trying to land a new job after years of employment at one company (or unemployment, for that matter), your résumé probably needs a makeover.

The applicant tracking systems (ATS) that scan résumés are becoming more sophisticated, giving job candidates the chance to inject a little creativity into their work. “Many ATS now read PDF documents, so job seekers can be more creative,” explained Wendy Enelow, a master résumé writer and author. “For instance, most systems will accept and read a document that contains charts, graphs or tables as long as the surrounding text doesn’t touch the image.”

To capture the attention of digital (and human) reviewers, you need a document that reflects the latest trends in résumé-writing. Here’s a list of what’s in and what’s out for tech résumés.

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One Response to “Ways to Upgrade Your Résumé”

  1. Richard Malsch

    As 1 of the 2 guidelines for “what’s out”, font choice is hardly a deal-breaker, and by choosing sans serif fonts like Arial or Calibri, it tells the reader you care less about readability & more about trend. Using a serif font like TNR for paragraph body text is arguably more readable, and has the added benefit of being skinnier than others mentioned, allowing you to add more content to each printed page. 🙂