What Are Your (Tech) New Year’s Resolutions?


For many people, late December is the time to set some resolutions for the coming year. They might vow to spend the next twelve months exercising more, eating better, and spending additional time with family and friends. Some will even hold those resolutions until January 5th, at the latest! (Just kidding—it’ll be more like January 3rd.)

Jokes aside, the end of the year is a good time for tech pros to take a moment and reassess their careers. If you’re interested in a bit of self-improvement, but have no idea where to start, here are a couple of potential resolutions to embrace:

Build Out Your Professional Network

Take a quick scan through your contacts and social networks. If you’re mid-career, chances are good that you’ve managed to build up a fair number of connections; but that shouldn’t stop you from gathering more. Make a point of attending meetups or networking events in your area, and starting relationships with a set number of people per month. When in doubt, here are some key things to remember about effective networking.

Polish Your Résumé

Effective résumé-writing is truly an art. If you haven’t taken a look at yours lately—even if you’re not currently looking for a job—it’s worth taking it out and editing to reflect your most up-to-date skills and experience. Remember to focus on numbers and results, don’t use overused buzzwords, and avoid exaggeration and jargon.

Build Some Skills

In the tech world, it’s vital to stay as current as possible. If there’s a new technology or skill that’s beginning to dominate discussion in your industry, now’s the time to make a resolution to learn it. Your future self will thank you. (Earning certifications is another good way to build skills and increase your base salary.)

Examine the Industry

If you’re interested in making a career move—whether jumping to a new technology segment, rising to management, or simply earning some certifications—check out some predictions for which tech roles will trend up (and down) in 2016.