Android Studio 2.0 May Speed Your App Builds

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 2.41.59 PM

For those tech pros who develop Android apps for a living (or fun), take heart: Your production may get a little bit faster.

Android Studio 2.0, now available in preview, is the latest iteration of Google’s IDE for building Android apps. According to a new posting on the Android Developers Blog, version 2.0 includes an “instant run” feature that allows developers to quickly see how their latest code affects the app.

A new GPU Profiler may also speed up debugging. “The tool is in early preview,” the blog posting added, “but is very powerful and not only shows details about the GL State and Commands, you can record entire sessions and walk through the GL Framebuffer and Textures as your app is running OpenGL ES Code.”

Those who’ve just started building their own Android apps may appreciate the intelligent code editor, which completes and refactors code; that’s in addition to code templates, also useful for developers who want to get a project started fast. In a nod to the incredible breadth of devices running Android, the platform includes an emulator capable of pre-running the app on a variety of screen sizes.

Given the intense pressure on Google and Apple to maintain and grow their respective mobile-app ecosystems, it’s no surprise that Android Studio is evolving rapidly to keep pace with Swift, Apple’s new(ish) development platform for iOS. While the platform you develop for is a matter of choice, it’s clear that the development tools for each are becoming progressively more feature-rich and efficient, for beginners and power users alike.