More People Searching for Jobs Via Mobile


How do people look for work?

A new survey from the Pew Research Center suggests the obvious: When it comes to finding their next gig, 79 percent of Americans head online. Another 66 percent said they relied on friends and family in their most recent job search, with professional and work connections close behind at 63 percent.

“Online employment resources now rival personal and professional networks as a top source of job information for Americans who are looking for work,” read the research note accompanying Pew’s data.

Not only are more job-seekers going online, they’re also going mobile, with 28 percent reporting use of a smartphone in their job search. Of those people relying on their mobile device, more than half used it to fill out an actual application. But this method isn’t without its aggravations, according to Pew: “Nearly half of smartphone job seekers have had problems accessing job-related content because it wasn’t displaying properly on their phone or had difficulty reading the text in a job posting because it was not designed for a mobile device.”

In addition to mobile, social media is also an increasingly prevalent tool in job searches. Among those who use these platforms, some 13 percent reported that information they posted on a social network helped them land a job. Nor is use of social networks necessarily restricted to age. “Younger users are especially active at utilizing these platforms for employment-related purposes,” Pew reported, “but many older users are taking advantage of social media when looking for work as well.”

If you’re a tech pro who’s currently looking for work, expanding toolkit to embrace mobile and social could increase your chances of landing your next gig.