Résumé Tip: Add Numbers for Context

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You’ve heard the advice innumerable times: When writing your résumé, make sure to emphasize what you accomplished in each position. There’s just one little issue: Everybody else applying for the same job is also using “power verbs” such as “grew,” “launched,” “created,” and “amplified” to describe what they’ve done. How best to stand out?

Using numbers is an effective way of doing so. For example, rather than writing, “Designed and launched a Website that experienced massive growth,” offer some additional context: “Designed and launched a Website in six months that experienced 500 percent traffic growth in its first year.” Simply by adding a few digits, you demonstrate that you’re capable of producing a successful product on a tight deadline.

If you’re in a managerial role, numbers similarly help. Instead of:

  • “Managed a team”
  • “Grew revenue”


  • “Managed a team of 15 people”
  • “Helped revenue grow by 15 percent y/y”

The more you focus on specific KPIs and ROI, the more you show your effectiveness and value to any company for which you choose to work. Money and time are always good metrics to apply to résumés, especially if you helped grow the former while saving on the latter; project growth (whether users, downloads, or whatever relevant number) is likewise valuable. Even adding just a handful of numbers can have a massive impact on your chances of being hired.