Online Classes to Boost Your Dev Skills


Ever wanted to pick up programming tips while on the go? While Khan Academy has made its lessons available on iOS for quite some time, the nonprofit has just issued its first-ever Android app.

Khan Academy’s computer-programming courses offer tips for building animations and games using JavaScript and ProcessingJS; there are also tutorials on Website-building with HTML and CSS.

Khan Academy isn’t the only recourse for learning programming online. Coursera provides easy access to online courses hosted by some of the world’s most prominent universities; there’s also MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW), which publishes MIT course content online, and Code Academy, which includes lessons in everything from Website building to Ruby on Rails and Python. Those who are willing to pay a bit of money for feedback and career advice may also give Udacity a look.

While these online courses will give you valuable knowledge, they don’t impart the formal degrees necessary for many jobs. Nonetheless, if you simply want to strengthen your programming abilities, these are some good Websites and apps to visit first.

2 Responses to “Online Classes to Boost Your Dev Skills”

  1. Eric Gates

    Also, EdX which has many offerings including Harvard CS50x and the BerkeleyX – CS169.1x as well as many others
    Queensland University of Technology provides MOOCs such as a really interesting Robotics course that I’d really like to take once I get past the remedial Linear Algebra (last took that 25-30 years ago) and the MatLab tutorials.
    Open2Study is another MOOC provider and I’m pretty sure they have programming courses.