‘Why Do You Want Back Into Corporate Life?’


Many tech pros spend years as independent contractors, jumping from gig to gig. While that’s a good life for many, more than a few—whether because of finances, the potential benefits, or simply the need to try something new—eventually decide to leap back into corporate life.

Even though that transition back to corporate employment is often smooth, recruiters and HR staffers sometimes have their suspicions about the longtime contractor. They might wonder if the candidate might just flee again in a few months, or chafe under the obligations of corporate hierarchy.

Those fears aren’t unfounded, and it’s the responsibility of the tech pro to assure whoever asks that they intend to stick around. In job interviews, emphasize that you’re ready to be a team player, and that you’re excited by the potential for collaboration.

It may also help if you provide a reason for your transition to corporate life. Maybe you want to focus wholly on developing new software and hardware, instead of devoting even a portion of your time to billing, administration, and the other grinding tasks that come with being a freelancer. Maybe you want to interact with other brains on interesting projects. Whatever the reason, make sure you emphasize that, while being a lone wolf had its benefits, you’re ready to work as part of a collective.

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