‘Why Should We Hire You?’


Sometimes an interviewer will ask a certain question designed to put you on the spot: “Why should we hire you?”

The directness of the query often startles job candidates, who, at a loss for words, might stammer out a cliché like: “I’m good at what I do,” or “I always work hard.”

While such answers may not directly harm your chances, they also don’t help differentiate you from however many other candidates have applied for the position. Instead, use the question as an opportunity to get very specific about your past accomplishments, and how said accomplishments translated into very real success for your past projects.

Your examples (preferably laced with as much detail as possible) will reinforce your unique skills and diehard work ethic far better than simply stating what you perceive as your best aspects; it’ll also sketch out the ways you can help your prospective employer execute on strategy.

And one last thing: Never, ever say that the company should hire you because you need a job. Even if you mean it as a joke, chances are good that the interviewer won’t find it funny.

4 Responses to “‘Why Should We Hire You?’”

  1. J Walker

    In my view this should be the ONLY question asked in the interview. You learn more about the candidates’ skills, motivation and desire to work for the organization than any other you could ask.

    If a candidate can’t express a desire and an ability to do the job then spending any more time is just a waste.