Facebook Tops List of Best Firms for Workers

Which tech firm offers the best experience and benefits for employees? According to Business Insider, it’s Facebook, which topped the website’s new list of the Best Companies to Work for in America.

Business Insider compiled its list by ranking Fortune 500 companies according to salary and survey data collected by PayScale, weighing salary twice as much as the other factors. Overall criteria included job satisfaction, job stress, ability to telecommute, job “meaning” (i.e., does one’s employer try to make the world a better place), experienced median pay, total cash compensation, and salary delta (which measures whether an employer pays more than the competition).

With Facebook, a combination of top-level perks, high salaries, and a sense that the social network is truly changing the world all contributed to the high score. Like other large technology firms, Facebook boasts everything from gourmet cafeterias to onsite medical care; however, the company seems to pay just a bit more than its competition, and its workers seem to have a somewhat greater sense of mission than at other firms.

Other tech firms on Business Insider’s list included Motorola, eBay, Intel, Apple, Microsoft, and (at number two) Google.

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Image: Facebook