Apple Pledging $50 Million Toward Diversity

In 2014, Apple unveiled a diversity report that sent CEO Tim Cook into a very public display of angst. “I’m not satisfied with the numbers,” he said, after Apple’s own internal data revealed that the company was 80 percent male and 54 percent white.

Now Apple will partner with a handful of nonprofits to increase diversity in the tech industry as a whole. Under the terms of the new agreements, the National Center for Women and Information Technology, the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, and other organizations will receive a total of $50 million from Apple, according to Fortune.

That money will fund internships, scholarships, and additional training for women and minority students. In addition, Apple could also fund training and onboarding programs for veterans, although details of those programs have yet to be made public.

Apple isn’t the only tech giant investing more heavily in diversity efforts. Intel, for example, is pouring $300 million into an initiative that will increase its percentage of women and minority workers over the next several years.

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4 Responses to “Apple Pledging $50 Million Toward Diversity”

  1. Due to my most recent disgusting contract with a less than honorable place in,minnesota I will not let my hope be diminished but I’m not holding out hope that this problem will be dealt with in my life time. I’ve found that the racism and deplorable discrimination that is prevalent throughout corporate america can not be policed by those in corporate america but by the people who have let it get to a point that it matters not that a black person can be treated with such disrespect and dehumanizing language that no one is held accountable for their actions. No I don’t have any faith in white america to play fair on a level playing field. While the out sourcing of the industry is hurting all across the spectrum I get to see white americans suffer as my people have done since they stole this country from my ancestors.

  2. Bob Berry

    If his issue is percentage of females in Apple, maybe he needs to talk to HR, or maybe women just don’t want to work for Apple and be life poor because it is too expensive in Silicon Valley to even exist? If his issue is race, according to the 2010 census 72% of th epopulation is white so Apple is discriminating against whiate Americans by a crimnal level.

  3. So let me get this right – the CEO of Apple is going on record saying that he thinks that the employee makeup has too many of “the wrong people”.

    Forget the “diversity commitment” – how does he still have a job? He is openly disrespecting his employees!