Google Will Now Make You a Drink

In its quest to make all the world’s information accessible and useful, Google has added a feature sure to appeal to anyone who ever had to host a party: Type in a cocktail-related query such as “How do I make a screwdriver?” and the search engine’s Knowledge Graph will spit back a recipe.

Given the number of people Googling the recipes of obscure drinks, such an addition seems logical. Google’s Knowledge Graph already offers up information on everything from famous composers to common medical conditions. While having that data displayed at the top of search results is useful for everyday users—especially since Google reportedly vets the information—Knowledge Graph concerns webmasters who depend on those same users actually clicking through Web pages to find that information.

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However valid those concerns, Knowledge Graph is the way of Google’s future; it helps power search on Google’s mobile apps, and its information database will only grow in coming years. Maybe those anxious webmasters can use it to fix themselves a perfect drink.

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Image: Google, Joshua Resnick/