Twitter CEO Suggests IT Managers Take Tips From Improv

When Twitter CEO Dick Costolo advises managers on how to help run his company, he falls back on advice he learned in a somewhat unconventional place: an improvisational comedy stage.

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“One of the things that you’re always trying to make sure you really pay attention to in improv is being in the moment and listening,” he recently told an interviewer with The New York Times, adding:

When I was first learning the trade, one of the things that folks at Second City used to always say was ‘Be in this moment.’ That’s one of the things I tell my new managers. The notion of ‘Yes, and’ in improvisation is, I think, important in any sort of discussion.

In another startling moment of candor from a CEO whose core product is locked in fierce competition with Facebook and other social-media platforms, Costolo also admitted that he’s okay with people not tweeting—presumably just as long as they sign up to use Twitter as a reading/link aggregation platform. With 288 million active users, Twitter has a long way to go if it wants to catch up with Facebook, easily its biggest rival.

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