Want a Starring Role in Dice’s Upcoming Ad Campaign?

If you live in San Francisco, Austin, Seattle, or New York City, you might have noticed our Hottest Tech Talent billboards popping up over the past few months. Thanks to the magnificent response to those billboards, we’re going to extend this campaign with some new photography, while continuing to use real tech professionals to highlight all the incredible things our industry has to offer.

If you’re interested in appearing 50 feet tall over the skyline of a major metropolitan area, send an email to castingcall@dice.com with your full name, job title, and headshot (or selfie, we’re not picky). Entry is open to everyone; in order to be eligible, you’ll also need to be registered with Dice. If our casting expert thinks you’ve got what we’re looking for, we’ll be in touch!

Image: Aleksandr Kurganov/Shutterstock.com