Daily Tip: CS Grads, Post Your Projects

It’s a good economy and a strong tech market, which means that recent graduates with a computer-science degree have a pretty solid shot at landing a job with either a startup or an established firm. But that’s not to say the hunt will be easy, thanks to the sheer number of people entering the workforce at the moment.

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What’s the best way to stand out from all those fellow applicants? In addition to customizing your resume and cover letter to each prospective job, and practicing your interview skills, you should post samples of your programming work on your personal website, as well as sites such as GitHub and SourceForge. That will provide potential employers with a quick and easy way of seeing what you’re capable of doing.

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One Response to “Daily Tip: CS Grads, Post Your Projects”

  1. John Doe unemployed americann citizen

    And hey suckers with all the lies taking place make sure you include all that code so that WHEN the steal it they can mimic what your intentions were so you can always say I provided code for this company that didn’t want o pay me for it but increased the output of the slave labor they outsourced it to….Yay….;)