Daily Tip: Use Your Sundays as a Springboard

When Tim Cook took over as Apple’s CEO in 2011, one fact popped out in the multiple profiles of his leadership style: For years, he made a point of hosting Sunday night telephone meetings with his top lieutenants, so everybody could better prepare for the week ahead.

While some people may find the idea of regular Sunday meetings with management an onerous one (whatever happened to personal time, they’d probably say), using the last hours of the weekend to organize for the coming week is something that any individual can embrace. Even taking a look at your calendar and your to-do list is a big step forward—better to think over those things during the relative quiet of the weekend, rather than the chaos of Monday morning.

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Image: Roobcio/Shutterstock.com

2 Responses to “Daily Tip: Use Your Sundays as a Springboard”

  1. Jack B. Nimble

    Ridiculous encroachment upon what is already extremely limited private time. By writing the article you do an injustice to the doltish reader, since there must certainly exist some desperate subset of Dice users who will actually embrace this nonsense and needlessly immiserate themselves.

  2. Rob Walsh

    Right, because I definitely don’t have a limited amount of free time as it is. Absolutely not. I live solely for my job and nothing else. I certainly don’t mind my small bits of freedom and time spent with my family being sucked away by meetings that should be conducted on company time.

    Apologies for writing in such a sarcastic manner, but this is a ridiculous suggestion for the typical business. Encouraging this sort of behavior makes higher-ups think that policies such as these are acceptable, thereby hurting your average employee. Whether you want to accept it or not, most people are working to earn money and make a living, not because they love their job with every fiber of their being.