Daily Tip: Set Some New Year’s Resolutions


Lots of people make personal resolutions on New Year’s Eve: exercise more, lose weight, spend more time with family, and so on.

But how about making some work-related resolutions? You could vow to expand your professional network, or polish that resume, or finally get a new job. Making a resolution, however, is a very different thing than sticking with it. Here are some quick tips for not abandoning your newfound goals by January 5.

Do Something Challenging: Easy is boring. If you challenge yourself a bit, you’re more likely to stick with your resolution.

Plan It Out: Oftentimes people will announce a resolution and do nothing to follow up. Take a few minutes to sit down and sketch out a preliminary plan for how you’ll tackle your new goal.

Get Some Support: Just as with a personal resolution, a professional resolution can be easier to accomplish if you have someone cheering you on.

Actually Do It: This is the important part.

Happy New Year!

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Image: grafvision/Shutterstock.com