Daily Tip: Erase These Terms From Your Resume


Everybody knows you need to include strong verbs in your resume, in order to best convey your skills and knowledge. What fewer people realize is that some words should never appear on one’s resume, because they’re either redundant (there’s no need to say that you’re “capable” or “motivated,” for example, because those should go without saying) or simply don’t contribute to an accurate picture of your skills (“good communicator” tells the recruiter absolutely nothing).

If any of the following words make an appearance in your resume, consider eliminating them entirely, or replacing them with a term that describes your skills with greater specificity:

1. Capable
2. Competent
3. Creative
4. Details Focused
5. Effectual
6. Energetic
7. Focused
8. Good Communicator
9. Hard Working
10. Motivated
11. Objective
12. Proactive
13. Problem Solver
14. Professional
15. Qualified
16. Results-Oriented
17. Skilled

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One Response to “Daily Tip: Erase These Terms From Your Resume”

  1. Lawrence Weinzimer

    Eliminate ‘Team Player’ which is out of Blake & Mouton from 1964.

    Modify, ‘Refereces Upon Request’ to reflect ‘Testimonials, commendations and achievement-riented accomplishment data upon request.’ Many employers merely use theworknumber.com. And the like, to verify dates, salaries, and zero else. They’re paranoid about giving any qualitative review data about the spent employee.