Daily Tip: Stop Perfectionism

Assassins Creed Unity

This year, a handful of gaming studios suffered massive issues with their high-profile games. Assassin’s Creed: Unity, the latest in a series of historical adventures from Ubisoft, hit the market buggier than a square acre of Amazon rain forest. Destiny and the latest Halo likewise released with problems, some pretty significant.

Those games’ snafus hint at developers pushed up against intractable deadlines. While nobody sets out to create an unusable product, sometimes a schedule prevents tech pros from tackling some pretty big bugs before rollout; that’s a downside of working on big projects for major companies. On the other side of the equation, however, is perfectionism, which can prove equally dangerous: If you keep refining and refining and refining every detail, you risk killing the momentum that every project needs to make it to release.

You can release a project that still needs a little work—that’s what updates are for. The trick is finding that sweet spot (and to be fair, it’s a pretty large one) between total mess and total, perhaps unreachable perfection.

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Image: Ubisoft

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