Steve Jobs’ Tips for Running a Better Meeting

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Over at Business Insider, a new article dives into Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ techniques for running effective meetings. The good news is, you don’t need to be the megalomaniacal head of the world’s largest technology company to put at least a few of these techniques into practice.

For starters, Jobs kept meetings as small as possible, kicking out anyone who wasn’t essential.

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Next—and this might ultimately prove the most valuable piece of advice—he made sure that individuals were directly responsible for everything under discussion. How many times have you attended a meeting where everybody arrived at a definitive conclusion or strategy, only for nothing to happen afterwards, because nobody was sure who had to do what? If you worked at Apple, such a thing would apparently never happen, because the company has a policy of appointing directly responsible individuals, who are responsible for the action items that emerge from meetings.

Third—and those of you who hate PowerPoint with the fiery intensity of a thousand suns will definitely like this one—Jobs disliked slide presentations, preferring meetings that featured discussion and debate. And it’s certainly true that debate can generate new and exciting ideas.

There’s no guarantee that following Jobs’ habits will allow you to build a technological empire, but at least these tips can help you run a more effective meeting.

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