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Kelly Clark

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Video Game Designer


Creator of colorful, enticing fantasy worlds enjoyed by avid players of video, computer and online games. Fully capable of turning the vision of programmers, producers and engineers into a working game in which fascinating characters fend off evil villains in search of valuable treasures.

Experience: Concept Design, Prototyping, User Experience, Content Design, Game Rules, Mobile, Character Design, Props, User Interfaces, Setting Design, Tuning and Testing, Scripting and Debugging

Game Summary

Dinosaur Fortress, Urban Saga, Puzzle Me, War of the Worlds, Candy Cane, Pro Football III

Technical Skills

Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe AfterEffects, Unity, Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk 3ds Max, Final Cut Pro

Programming: Objective-C, C++, Java, Lua, Python

Gaming Industry Experience

Hot Games Studios, Santa Monica, CA      2013 to present
Game Designer, Dinosaur Fortress and Urban Saga

Originally hired to script game modes and interactive gameplay elements for Urban Saga. Was asked to help rescue Dinosaur Fortress which had fallen behind schedule due to technical issues, poor mechanics and unappealing user interface designs. Also worked on the design for the accompanying mobile app.

  • Track down, identify and resolve technical issues while collaborating with fellow designers and programmers.
  • Alter animated images to complement and enhance overall flow and consistent appearance of animated sequences.
  • Design vital visual elements, layouts and interfaces to reflect storyboards and display director’s vision.
  • Assist with testing and refinement.
  • Create setting design and scripting for mobile version of Dinosaur Fortress.

World Class War Games Inc., Gardena, CA      2012 to 2013
Assistant Game Designer, War of the Worlds III

Helped design War of the Worlds III, which became the fastest selling new release of 2013 for Xbox 360. The game broke industry records by generating $500 million in sales within the first week.

  • Conceptualized great story lines that successfully captivated users and reviewers. (Insert Review Link)
  • Designed individualized virtual environment.
  • Designed background for battlefields.
  • Calculated the speed of weapons, setting the maximum limit on deployment time and speed.
  • Partnered with graphic artists in conceptualizing game designs.
  • Presented the final version of the game to management.
  • Selected the sound to accompany each episode.

Family Theme Parks and Entertainment, Burbank, CA     2011
Game Development Intern, Puzzle Me

  • Devised missions, challenges, and puzzles to be encountered in game play by young children.
  • Prepared two-dimensional concept layouts and three-dimensional mock-ups.
  • Documented formal game design including mock-up screenshots, menu layouts, gameplay flowcharts and other graphical devices.

Total Sports Games,Irvine, CA     2011
Game Design Intern, Pro Football III

  • Created gameplay prototypes and presented them to the creative and technical staff.
  • Created core game features including storylines, reactions and player biographies.
  • Collaborated with fellow artists to achieve a compelling visual style.


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Art, Laguna College of Art and Design, Laguna Beach, CA
  • University of Southern California: GamePipe Laboratory Showcase Los Angeles, CA
  • Developed Candy Cane as a student project: (Insert Link to Online Game)

Awards and Recognition

  • 2013 Independent Games Festival: Finalist, Excellence in Design: War of the Worlds III
  • 2011 BAFTA Kids’ Vote: Puzzle Me (Insert Link to Award Write-Up)
  • 2011 Independent Games Festival: Finalist, Best Student Game: Candy Cane 

Selected Exhibitions

  • Game Masters 2013: War of the Worlds III
  • Playthink Game Salon USC: Candy Cane

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